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Erin Micklow talks about modelling, punk style and her liberty spikes

Host and owner of Last Rockers TV Erin Micklow is an LA based model, actress and wardrobe stylist whose liberty spikes have become her trademark.  She’s appeared on numerous magazine covers and TV shows.  Here Erin talks about her style, moving from pin up to punk and just what she uses to get those spikes to last.

You have a very bold look.  What age were you when you started getting into a more alternative look and did you go straight into a full on punk style?

“I’ve always been into fashion ever since I was around 12 years old.  When I was in high school I got in to punk from this guy who sat behind me in my geography class.  He always had a punk vest on and I guess I was alternative in high school.  I hung out with a lot of the goths because they were strange too, and there weren’t really a lot of punk rockers where I grew up in Florida.  That guy was always so nice to me so we became friends and I asked about that band on his vest and they came to town and I wanted to check them out because I was curious.  So that’s when it all started for me.  So I started dressing punk back then and started modelling when I was 14.  I never thought anyone wanted to see that punk side so to get work I had to kinda clean it up for modelling.  But when I went out I had more punk rock clothes, but my style has always be kind of pretty punk.  I like to be sparkly and colourful but also have a tougher edge.  For a long time I did pin up.  In 2011 I was in Germany with my husband Joe and I asked him to spike my hair.  I didn’t want to commit to a hair cut so he sad we could give me liberty spikes.  We did a photo shoot and that was the first shoot I did looking punk because everyone was used to seeing me pin up and polished and I personally felt that wasn’t like me.  At first it wasn’t so well received but I started doing more shoots like that and where it really took off was when we started going to festivals together and we’d have a lot of photographers taking our pictures.  That started to get us work which was cool because I could be me and still continue to work as a model.”

Moving on to more today, do you see anyone now that you think has a really cool look, someone that’s nailed their own brand?

“I was always inspired by the alternative models.  There’s Mosh who lives in LA, she was an alt model but now she’s become a big burlesque star.  I’ve always respected her talent and the look she puts together.  And Masuimi Max, I love how she’s always changing her look and she pulls everything off so well.  I’ve known her for a couple of years and done a shoot with her.  She’s incredible, so professional and so good at what she does.  I admire that and I admire how she commits to a look when she changes it. She changes her look a lot.  For a while she had a mohawk but now she looks more regular but she’s covered in tattoos.”

Specifically looking at you and starting with make up.  What brands do you use and are there any products you won’t use for any reason?

“Over the years I’ve kinda got out of most of the drug store make ups.  I still do use a couple.  My liquid liner is Wet N Wild and it’s two dollars but it’s the best.  I’ve tried more expensive ones and have not liked them.  Lately I’ve really been into Kat Von D’s products.  They’re cruelty free.  A lot of her stuff I’ve just switched over to because we attended her ten year anniversary for her make up line.  I had already been using some of her products because I really loved them.  At the party the guests were gifted some of her new products.  I tried them out and really loved them so I recently went out and bought some more of her product and switched over.  I like her stuff because it’s vegan cruelty free, it’s really good quality and also it was five to eight dollars cheaper than some of what I was buying.  Make up can be expensive but it’s worth it and it can make a difference in photographs.  The thing is with things like festivals, they’re long days and I need this shit to last and Kat Von D lipstick and foundation is like paint.  It is not coming off.  Eye shadows and brows I use Anastasia Beverly Hills which is great.  I have an Urban Decay eye shadow palette too and they’re also cruelty free.”

Let’s talk liberty spikes and your hair.  What products do you use for your hair to keep it in good condition and what do you use to get those spikes?

“My hair is about shoulder length and people always think it’s a lot longer.  We use Got2b Glued hairspray and a blow dryer.  As far as keeping my hair nice in between I do have to trim my hair because I need to commit to keeping it a certain length.  So trimming it regularly is helpful because it’s constantly having the dead ends cut off.  And I do that myself.  To keep it nice I use shampoo and conditioner that don’t have sulphates in them.  That’s supposed to be helpful because it’s not stripping your hair as much.  I think it’s really helpful that I don’t dye my hair because that does a lot of damage.  Also I use coconut oil after a long weekend with the spikes at a festival.  Usually I’ll be home after a festival and I’ll be editing all this footage and no one will see me so that’s cool.”

Clothing wise you go for a very bright look which works for you.  Where do you get your clothes from and are there any particular brands you like?

“I make a lot of my own clothes actually.   I mean being a punk rock girl it’s about supporting the bands and that’s what I do with my channel too so I have a lot of band tees.  I’m constantly thinking how can I make this band shirt into something new?  That’s always the task for me as my wardrobe is all band tees.  I’ve made dresses out of them, I’ve made body suits out of them.  I like Tripp NYC.  But I’ll make a ton of stuff.  Shoes are important.  Doc martens have been my go to for festivals.  I’ve tried others but Doc Martens are the most comfortable when you’re standing for like 14 hours.”

If they were going to make a film of you who would you want to play you in that movie?

“I don’t know.  I don’t feel I’m there yet where my life is worth having a film made of it.  There’s a quote from Sex In The City “Am I too young to have a memoir, I feel you shouldn’t have one until your 30” and I’m not 30 yet so….”

If you’re trapped on a desert island and you have everything you need to survive, what three vanity items would you have to have?

“I think if you’re on a desert island who cares about make up, so I would go for some good skin care.  Good skin care, good moisturiser and eye lash extensions.”

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