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Jenna Talia – “Unless you are fucking me, what difference does it make what I look like or what body parts are under my clothing?”

If you want to see just how far punk has evolved then look no further than Glitter Trash and their larger than life vocalist Jenna Talia.  Her drive and passion for music is well known but what about growing up transgender in a time and place where it was generally either misunderstood or punished? ...

Be Free Be You: Tommy Keeling of Minatore “Unless we stop criticising each other for freedom of expression then we’re holding each other back.”

We love it at The Punk Lounge when artists get involved with supporting other artists.  Our Be Free Be You campaign seeks to highlight the inequalities faced by women performers and the issues they have to deal with simply for choosing to look a certain way.  Tommy Keeling of the band Minatore h...

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