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We’re so alive

If you know
and you see what we,
we samsara hate-realm surfers,
and you can hear it too,
over the din of signalled virtue,
over crackling megaphones of “resistance”,
dodging raised fists,
trying to weather the storm
with no eye, no peace, no love, no calm but beneath the seafoam,
with rocks and keys that don’t open anything in your pockets,
dragging you down to the crabs
and sperm whales,
giant squid,
freezing, sick,
you can’t go back,
you’re too far gone,
and you live on, breathing factory fumes, to experience the
suffering and death of the good,
and they call you crying, and you wish it was you; not them,
and you can’t do anything for any of your kind,
but your enemies go on as they always have,
and always will,
and you just can’t anymore,
but you can, because you must, because you don’t know how not to,
because of what you are; an animal; nothing extraordinary about it,
nothing but a dying, envenomated rodent, making one last stand, but it goes on and on… If you see and smell it, too,
if you understand any of this,
I salute you from the bottom of the sea, tangled in the kelp,
nibbling the kelp, pickled in brine.
Please do take good care. (Medicine pictured is all prescribed)

By Ben Vaughn Zeitlin

About Ben..

Ben Vaughn Zeitlin is a painter, poet, and connoisseur of all things Punk rock. he lives and works in Northern California and has a prolific work ethic that has produced countless works of art over the past several years. I keep pestering him to write a book. Maybe someday! Check out his artwork on his Facebook page, THE ART OF BEN VAUGHN ZEITLIN

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