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Road to Rebellion – Weekend Recovery tearing it up

Weekend Recovery will be bringing their charismatic live show to Rebellion Festival as part of a whirlwind of UK tour dates. The four-piece garage-pop rockers combine Lori Janey’s powerful vocals and high-energy stage presence with talented playing from Owen, Josh and Marcus which sometimes even gets a little bluesy. Definitely one to watch on the Thursday if you want something a little different – we catch up with Weekend Recovery to talk Rebellion, their ever-supportive fan-base and trouser-rippage.

Photo by Gary Trueman

So, this is your first time playing Rebellion! Have you been to the festival before? What was the allure of playing it as a band?

It is our first time at Rebellion – we can not wait! I haven’t been to Rebellion Festival before as I grew up in Kent so it was always such a trek, but I’m super excited to both go AND play as well! Rebellion Festival has always looked like such a great day and the bands that play are of such a high standard – there are going to be some clashes which are gutting but I’m planning to watch as many bands as possible!

Weekend Recovery has been described as a little like Paramore… What can festival go’ers expect?

Yeah we get that a lot, a little less now that we’ve gone a little heavier and less poppy though. I think festival go’ers can expect a high-energy, diverse set – with some very colourful hair!

Can you tell us about the new E.P coming out in September? It was entirely crowdfunded wasn’t it? Will you be giving the Introducing Stage a preview of the new tracks?

We will be playing a cheeky song from the E.P ‘In The Mourning’ and yes it was crowdfunded. It was SUCH an amazing feeling to wake up and have hit our target overnight – it’s such a great feeling to know people believe in you. We aren’t from a background where our families are able to help us out financially so we’re completely reliant on our fans (who are more like friends) who have once again pulled through for us.

What bands are you looking forward to seeing at Rebellion?

Aw jeez, too many! Healthy Junkies are mine and Josh’s personal favourites but there’s so many great bands: Vertigo Violet are great; Desensitised; Kiss Me Killer; The Menstrual Cramps; J’aime Rachelle; and of course PIL!

Any weird pre-show/after-show traditions or fun stories from a recent gig?

I go super quiet before shows because I get quite nervous! Usually eating food as a ‘tradition’. Funny stories? Probably when I ripped my gold trousers right on my butt as I made my way onto the stage ha!

What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play at Rebellion?

‘In The Mourning’ definitely – gives people an insight for what’s to come in September!

Photo by Gary Trueman

Weekend Recovery will be playing the Rebellion Introducing Stage at 8.00pm on Thursday 2nd August. Can’t make it? Head to their website for more tour dates or hit them up on Facebook.
Cover photo by Joe Scotcher

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