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Wah Wah meets… Vicious Precious from Pretty Addicted

Jonny Wah Wah catches up with Vicious Precious, Lead singer and master provocateur of the band Pretty Addicted hoping to uncover “The Magic of a Lunatic” ……. with no trick questions!

Hey Vicious “The Magic of a Lunatic” is the name of the latest Pretty Addicted, great title – What is a Lunatic ?

Thank you very much. I wrote the album very much around the issue of mental health so in the case of the album the term “Lunatic” refers to a person deemed “crazy” by society because they suffer with their mental health, but to me “Lunatic” is a term I pride myself on being; it’s a kooky way of saying “interesting”. I see and do everything at a very rapid rate and my mind is always going, going, going but where some see “Lunatic” in a bad “let’s lock that cunt up” way, I see it as a fantastic journey. Not many people can keep up with me to be honest. It’s both my downfall and my strength. A blessing and a curse.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

If I whittle it down to the truest 3 I would say fun, outspoken and intelligent. The 3 together tend to get me into trouble but I’m a fuckin troublemaker, sue me. Haha!

Your “Look” is amazing where does the inspiration come from for it?

Well thank you very much! I’ve always experimented with the “dark” and goth sides of style. Marilyn Manson is very much an influence; I think I’ve pretty much ripped him off from start to finish at this point Haha. I also find that doing the opposite of what fashion deems acceptable makes me happy. I can’t stand the idea of turning up at a party and someone is wearing something similar to me! I also absolutely LOVE Disney, mostly Mickey Mouse, in terms of fashion and in my mind I’ve created myself as a sort of cartoon character, a kid’s party clown. Whenever I see someone perfectly put together all I want to do is smudge their lipstick and rip their tights and glue some creepy shit to them. I love anything weird and wonderful. The quirkier the better. Quirky would be the 4th word I would use to describe me!

Do you feel more comfortable all dressed up?

Definitely. Not to say I have low self-confidence and don’t like myself in a pair of pj’s at home, chilling with my cat, because I do. And I have been seen out and about without make up or fancy garb on and been completely at peace. It’s just that I see a body like a canvas and you can dress it up however you want and it’s fun to play like that. Plus, I love making people go “What the fuck”, and “Is that a man or a woman?” That means I’m doing something right!

What goes through your mind before you go on stage?

Sheer power. I go into this mental state that I am powerful and I will own the shit out of what I’m about to do. You have to feel powerful I think to put on a good show. People want to believe you, that you mean what you’re doing. You just have to mean it through and through. I’ve only ever had stage fright once, that I recall. I just downed a couple of drinks and I just went out and nailed it anyway, you have to! People come out and pay to see you. You’ve got to be on your game. Not to say I haven’t done shit shows because I fucking have. Once recently in fact. My mind was just in a mess and it wasn’t in the game at all. I forgot the words to everything, I was way too drunk, I was just in fucking pain really. But that isn’t the problem of the people who come out to see me so I should’ve put my issues to one side and gave them what they deserved, and I didn’t. I embarrass myself sometimes.

What makes you cry tears of joy?

Animals. I absolutely love seeing animals just “be”. They are the real pure things in this world and we just fucking ruin everything as humans. I also cry tears of sadness with animals too because of the things we do to them. We cut their land to pieces, burn their homes to the ground, wear them on our backs and put them on our plate…..then we “ooh” and “aah” at the cute little bunnies like we’re even somewhat moral. It makes me sick.
The other thing that makes me cry tears of joy is Trance music. There’s just nothing like it. It takes me to a place of zen. It’s so PURE. There’s an element of trance in every song I make because it’s ingrained in me. There’s not much I love more than trance. Trance, my cat and whiskey. Throw me on the motherfucking desert island with that! Haha


What do you like doing best in your down time?

Being with my cat Velvet and being with myself. I enjoy my own company which I know a lot of people don’t. I find that incredibly sad because you have the ultimate companion in yourself. Fancy a takeaway and a movie? Fancy a bubble bath and a glass of wine? Fancy dancing around the living room in your pants and singing into a hairbrush? You don’t need a mate round, you have you. I love down time. Really shutting out the world and taking five. I fucking love a bubble bath….. I spend way too much money on Lush products!


You have some pretty interesting song titles, what are your favourite ones and do you write all the band’s lyrics ?

I write all the music and all the lyrics. I like a good song title actually! If people see an album they’ve never heard before, they usually start with the most interesting name. Some of my fave titles would have to be “Choose Your Poison”, “Kidrave” and “We all float”. Can I please note this is taken from the original and ONLY “IT”. Tim Curry or no one thanks and goodbye!

Did you always know that the band would use electronics in its sound?

Always. I mean dance music is something I grew up on. The first electronic tracks I ever heard were things like The Prodigy “Fat Of The Land”, Faithless, Underworld and things of the like. My dad played a lot of drum and bass, trance, dance. I got into alternative music in my teens and I guess everything just merged together in my brain. Somewhere Marilyn Manson, The Cure, The Prodigy, Paul Van Dyk, all the best parts of each style, clicked together and became one big mash up of genres to create the one genre- or non-genre- that is Pretty Addicted.

What’s more intriguing to you sex or death?

What an interesting question! Death scares me, because I know what it feels like, so I am certainly not intrigued by it. I am fearful and haunted by it. Would I say sex intrigues me? Hmm.. yes I would, actually. Imagine what two people who are connected on the same level can so with sex, how amazing it can feel. I’ve not had a great track record with sex. I love sex, it’s fucking amazing, but I’ve not really been connected with many people on that level so I’ve not had a lot of great sex. I guess it’s always great when you love them, so I’ve had a lot of that but it’s not really the same thing as a great sexual experience. I’m fucking shit at dating so best I stay away from this sort of thing for a while haha. Not even sex can compare to being on stage to be honest. Now that’s some orgasmic feeling.

Who are your favourite bands?

Always and forever Marilyn Manson and The Cure. They’re just part of my internal system at this point. Other bands I love without fault (as in, I can’t find fault) are Oasis, The Prodigy, Slipknot, Rammstein. I mean, I love loads of bands! I just fucking love music! It’s a shorter list to say bands I don’t like! I’m really loving the new breed of bands coming up and crossover bands that mix genres, like Ho99o9, Crim3s and Mindless Self Indulgence. Anyone that stands for something, says something relevant and isn’t doing music for the sake of it or to be famous. That’s a list I can give you privately when I’m drunk haha.

Watched any good TV show’s lately?

I love TV! Anything from the 90s -and that goes for music too. I pretty much never left the 90s…. I’m eternally there! I love love love crime dramas! Give me a detective with a troubled past and a desire for justice, along with some creepy serial killers and a captain who just doesn’t understand the struggles on the field (clutches heart!)  and I’m there! Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit is the ultimate.

Would you ever sleep in a church overnight on your own?

100%. The only creepy thing about churches are the manipulating bastards who scream at people to hand all their money over to God and tell them all how sinful they are. So actually, the safest time to be in a church is when no one else is actually there. Maybe then God will show up. He certainly isn’t there among these charlatans and utter disgraces of humans. I swear I’ve dealt with my childhood… HAHA

Who would you like to go on a dinner date with?

Oh my god, who else but David Attenborough! I mean he’s just the ultimate, isn’t he? I want to know EVERYTHING about what he’s seen and where he’s been. I want to know about the beauty of the world and the rainforest and just pick apart his brain on how he sees things. He’s hands down the most blessed person on the planet. I dream to even see HALF of what he’s seen. What a man!

Ready for 2018?

I am SO ready! 2017 was a shitter of a year, dude. I had plans in place for weeks before 2018 started on how I was going to make 2018 amazing. I left all my shit in 2017, I really did. It’s like a switch went off in me the second it hit midnight on January 1st that said ………..



I’m coming in swinging…. I have booked like 16 gigs for us in the first week with no sign of stopping. This is going to be my year and it’s definitely my turn now!


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