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Vertigo Violet is Tearing up the Road to Rebellion

Vertigo Violet is exactly what you’ve been missing from your playlist.  This four-piece punk outfit formed in 2016 comes to us out of Birmingham, UK.  Vertigo Violet is Dom (guitar), Josh (bass), Jarrad (drums), and fronted by none other than the sweet but sassy Charly Malone.  

Their sound is reminiscent of the early ’90s alternative grunge movement of the US Pacific Northwest.  Charly exudes the same sense of punky feminism that you got from the women in bands like Veruca Salt, L7, and 7 Year Bitch.  Charly sat with us at The Punk Lounge and talked with us about Vertigo Violet’s road to Rebellion.

Image by: Jar Vo Photography

Is this your first time playing Rebellion? If not, when have you played before?

Yes, it is!  We are playing the Introducing Stage!


What tips for other musicians do you have on applying to play Rebellion?

Just keep working hard and getting on as many gigs as possible. When you are confident enough to apply then just go for it and apply. There is no harm in trying and persistence is key to a lot of things in life. Rejection is part of it and it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, it just means keep trying!


What is your all-time favourite Rebellion performance/moment?  Who is your dream Rebellion performer?

I have enjoyed absolutely loads of performances over the years! I have a lot of love and respect for so many bands I refuse to narrow it down! (HAHA!) My dream Rebellion performance would be to get a strong female headline act on. Personally, I’d pick a band like The Distillers or Babes in Toyland, that would be amazing for me to see at Rebellion.


What is a must-have thing (what do you always bring that you cannot leave home without?) for Rebellion?

My lipstick, my smile, and my sass! 😉 (Oh, and my mic, haha!)


Best hangover cure? If you’re sober, what beverage or food keeps them going for Rebellion?

I am actually not drinking as much as I used to these days. I think keeping your vitamins up (regardless of consuming alcohol or not) should always be considered, especially at a festival where you need the energy. I think orange juice is a life-saver for most people, and I do like to spoil myself to some cheeky seaside chips while I’m there… Why not?!


What part of a music kit do you think every artist should bring to Rebellion?

All musicians would, of course, say their own equipment! But I think we can all agree on earplugs! I have only these past few years discovered how vital they are to wear on stage. Musicians should look after their ears!


What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play?

We always do our best to put as much energy into our shows as possible.  Hopefully, all 30-45 minutes is worth watching! Although I do really like our first single that is coming out soon called, ‘Psychopath’. We also like our newest song ‘Bleach’ (that has a ‘grunge’ feel to it), and ‘Headache’ that we currently finish our set on because it is a bit of a crowd-pleaser.


What day, time and stage are you performing?

We are playing the Introducing Stage on Friday at 2.45 pm.


What are you currently working on or currently promoting? 

We are currently promoting our first single! We have a limited quantity of our single out on C.D available to purchase at Rebellion and the video will be out very soon once we have finished with the promotion.


What is the best thing for you about Rebellion?

The best thing is the get-together! I get to see everyone I don’t see all year in one weekend which is very special.


What do you think could be improved for your Rebellion experience?

Rebellion is very well run! I have enjoyed myself every time I have attended. It has been fantastic to see women in bands and younger bands given the opportunity to play the Introducing Stage this year too, so let us keep that up!

Photo Credit: Jar Vo Photography


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