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United Defiance “Safe At Home” Review by Pat Society

I got to say I’m unfamiliar with this band and their label, so I did a little research and found out they are from Concord, CA and have been around since 2004. This is their follow up to 2015’s EP, “Here’s To You”. From my first listen it’s very apparent that this album definitely has a “West Coast” sound. That’s not a jab, it’s just my opinion. It has hints of influences taken from bands like the Dead Kennedys, Adolescents and guitar solos similar to Bad Religion with vocals that are reminiscent to Jim Lindberg of Pennywise.

The first song “End Of Days” has pretty good lyrics and the song is pretty fast paced, the opening guitar riffage is catchy and has good structure for a song of only over a minute. The song “Along The Way” reminds me of later Dr. Know with cool chunky guitars and great drumming. “Homeward Bound” defiantly has a sing-along style similar to the Dropkick Murphy’s and The Street Dogs.  This song isn’t bad, but it’s kinda not my bag as this stuff was over saturated for me the last 20 years.

The song “Lost At Sea” is one of the stand outs on this album. It has a cool bass line and sticks in your head with some cool guitar leads that lead into the verses. This is a mid tempo track, but it’s really excellent and shouldn’t be overlooked. Another really cool track is “Yet To Come”, it has that signature Epitaph guitar work from the 1990’s. Lyrics are really good on this and even though it’s not anything ground breaking this song really works for me and is just quality with a great chorus towards the end of the track that blends into the guitar solo before the isolated bass line… this is a great song.

Towards the end of this album is another manic sounding song with awesome drumming titled “Bridges”.  Sorry I don’t know more about these lads, but it’s a solid release and I look forward to hearing more stuff from this band. “Safe At Home” features 13 tracks and is sure to please anyone who enjoyed late 1990’s style Epitaph hardcore punk with sing-along vocals.

 By Pat Society

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