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Tripwire DC – The Dark Alley Review.

Tripwire DC are a 5 piece from Perthshire who have been together since 2015. I watched them play in Kirkcaldy a couple of years back, sadly the sound that night wasn’t great and the only song that really stuck was “Tyskie.”  Lucky for me, it is on this album.  Remembering the band were something a bit different I dived in with an open mind.
Dark Alley starts with “Jesus Buddha Mohammed” and instantly i’m feeling a reggae/dub vibe from these guys.  David and Eilidh’s voices compliment each other with that classic reggae sound of bass behind them. I had a little giggle at the lyrics, telling god’s to wrap up warm because of the long Scottish winter. It really IS always winter in Scotland, we get one or two days of sun and that’s if we’re lucky!
When I hear the bass and drums come in powerfully on “Mr Reggae” I know I’m in for a treat.  I love this! It flows perfectly, there’s great bass-lines by Rich and even some spoken word towards the end. I had my foot tapping the whole way through.  “Reggae for the rich boys” has a slower tempo than the last couple of songs, mix of classic sounding rock and reggae.  On comes “Stand up” and you hear the punk/ska influences come into play, starting off with a riff that sounds similar to The Damned- wait, they’ve even got Ian on guitar playing Ramones in the middle! It works, well played.
I’ve learned these guys have their own sound, they manage to combine reggae with numerous other styles and somehow pull it off.  I hear many of different influences like Jaya The Cat, Aos3 and The Damned.
There’s just something about this band, song after song you’re reminded of this. Every instrument is perfectly timed and both singers are brilliant.  For me personally I think the more punk sounding songs don’t compare to the reggae style ones which seem to have been perfected more on this album.  Despite my only reservation of comparable song development, the album flowed nicely and I wouldn’t say I disliked any of the songs.
If you’re into ska, reggae, punk or dub I suggest you get yourself to see Tripwire DC and have a dance, maybe even a can of Tyskie! 😉
They will be playing at the Rebellion Introducing stage this year so no excuse to miss them to those not in Scotland.

You can also check out their website at

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