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Top 5 – How to get signed by a record label?


Michael Brockman owner of No Affiliation Records gives you his ‘Top 5 tips on how to get signed to a record label!’

1.Have several tracks to submit. We have received submissions that we were not necessarily stocked on but then did some digging and found some gems in their body of work. Super important to put your best foot forward with your tunes.
2.Be excited! People feed off each others excitement so when a band is super pumped we feed off of it. That kind of enthusiasm is contagious!
3.Tour. Now this doesn’t mean quit your job and live in a van…but this does mean that you need to be out playing shows and promoting your product.
4.Be aggressive on social media. We aren’t in the business of judging someone’s social media foot print but we do look at frequency of use and how their using the tools available to them.
5.Don’t be a dick….probably the most important rule. I like most music fans have waited by anxiously to meet one of my music heroes to be disappointed by a lack of gratitude and a “too cool for school” mentality that is super off putting. What makes this community great is that it strives to be ego-less and all inclusive. So when someone doesn’t demonstrate the ability to be gracious and kind, it’s an ENORMOUS red flag and it’s not the kind of people/band we want to do business with. Always be excellent and stay humble.


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