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The Youth Within

So, over a week ago I spoke to the incredibly lovely Steve and Benji (Matt was busy) from The Youth Within.  They make a sort of nostalgic pop punk type noise, singing about growing up and finding a home in the punk scene. I’ve heard their Rebellion Pavilion Stage set was absolutely brilliant. I think that’s probably because they were having a really excellent time with their best humans. Anyways, they know more about this than me so here’s what they had to say on the matter.

How did The Youth Within begin?

Steve: If I remember, The three of us were all drinking in our local pub The Retreat talking bout starting a band. Being in a drunk state and we came up with name The Youth Within. From there it started. Practising punk covers at our football club clubhouse.

When did you start writing new music together?

Benji: About a week into it the first song we wrote was The Only Way is Essex I think or it may have been All For One.

All For One is a bit of a love song to the punk scene. What role has punk had in your lives?

Benji: If it wasn’t for punk bands I probably wouldn’t play guitar or want to write anything.

Steve: It’s had a big impact for me. In a way of confidence because I hated talking in front of big crowds. Being in a band has helped that. Plus I just love playing punk music.

What’s your favourite gig you’ve ever been to?

Steve: Favourite gig as in watched or played?

Either. Both! Some gigs are totally made by playing at them and others are spectacular in their own right

Benji: Favourite gig I’ve been to, I’d probably say Subhumans at The Frog and Fiddle in Cheltenham but played, has to be Rebellion 2017

Steve: Played; probably going to be last years Rebellion on Pavillion stage. (That was an awesome experience) but there’s been so many good gigs we’ve had.  Watched; got to be when In Evil Hour supported The Swingin’ Utters at The Fleece in Bristol a couple years ago.

What made Rebellion brilliant?

Steve: It’s the whole atmosphere of the festival. The experience of playing a big stage. Everyone is there for one reason. To watch punk. Plus it’s always great to see bands you’ve never seen before.

Benji: Exactly what Steve said.

What bands are you listening to most at the moment?

Benji: GBH. The Exploited . The Clash. Brassick. Leftover Crack. That’s about it at the moment.

Steve: Night Birds, Social Circkle, Criminal Damage, Drongos for Europe, Career Suicide.

Do you find that the music you’re listening to influences how you write? What were you listening to writing the songs for New Generation?

Steve: Yeah I think because we all listen to a wide range of bands/ genres our songs are all different to the next one. Which is great. Makes you want to try different areas with each new song. Think we listened to mix of punk rock to hardcore. No bands in particular really!

Were Bunny Boiler Records fun to make an e.p for? 

Steve: Actually we signed to Bunny Boiler after we made the e.p. We recorded our e.p with Peter Macbeth of Brassick at his studio (Studio 58). Bunny Boiler have been a great help getting our music and merchandise out! Came out of the blue when Ashley Mitchell asked us to join bunny boiler. Does a great job in promoting bands through his company.

Have you got any more recordings in the pipeline?

Steve: Not got any dates arranged just yet. In middle of working on new music. Could be doing recording towards end of the year. Will definitely be back at Studio 58. Highly recommend Peter, very easy to work with!!

You can see The Youth Within supporting The Ramonas on March 3rd at The Frog and Fiddle in Cheltenham. Their e.p, New Generation, can be found at Bunny Boiler Records and on Spotify! Have a listen, have a bounce, it’s worth the minutes.

You can find The Youth Within on Facebook here;

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