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The Weird Things – Ten Digit Freak Review

I love my Punk noisy, ugly, thrashy, profanity laden and untidy, so to review the Weird Things album – Ten Digit Freak – in theory it should feel like having to give a wee sample at the clinic (ahem, don’t ask) I thought I may have to squint, clench my arse cheeks and force it a bit.

To start with, there are seven of them in the band, they all have a pedigree, most have plenty of experience and they sing harmonies. This is all wrong for the likes of me, isn’t it?

Seems I know nothing, because despite what I thought I would think, I didn’t think it. This is a damned good piece of work. It strays across all sorts of sounds and styles, I even thought I heard a bit of prog rock in Tick Tock, a bit of hipster groove/ fuzz rock in Smile Hello and the title track has a harmonica….and it all works.

The first track (Dirty Dog) hits with a great, simple guitar riff and has that perfect opener tempo. Straight up I was hooked, sucked in, only to be hit with Can You See Them which is a pop, pysch, semi-acoustic rock piece. What the fuck is this? Track three has a bit of Spanish guitar as its intro, and (I have no idea why) I chilled and started to enjoy the experience. And so it goes through the album, song after song taking me to different places, keeping me interested…so much so I’ve had it keeping me company on my trip to work all week.

The whole album is different, it is stylish, tight, well crafted, but it is eccentric (did you know the Ultimate Sin is apparently peeing in the hot tub?), passionate and just harsh enough in delivery to make sure it bites you. It stands to reason though, amongst the band members are Dick Crippen (King Kurt & Tenpole Tudor) and Martin Parrott (CASE & Johnny Moped) – not exactly orthodox.

I should probably do all that smug, clever shit here and say it sounds like some little known cult acts from the 70s so that you think I’m cool, but I’m really not cool, clever or well educated enough so I’ll just suggest you have a listen, go and see them live – you won’t be disappointed.

If you like Punk, ska, rock n roll, post-grunge – it’s all in there and my commute has been all the better for it – if a little short on bastard swearing.

You can grab a copy of their album from their website:

And I suggest you catch them this Friday (9th March 2018) at the 100 Club in London, with Johnny Moped.

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