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The Subalternos and their debut at Rebellion later on this year!

The Subalternos are a punk band from Sau Paulo and are visiting the UK for the first time this year. Jon Bamborough caught up with their enigmatic front man Alberto Rinaldi to ask him about the road to Rebellion…
Jon – OK, Can you tell me a bit of background on the band? How it was formed and by who and a little about all the band members?
Alberto – Subalternos has started working early in 2014 with the idea of bringing the punk essence back to life through a linear and well arranged sound. Tight rhythmic session, strong riffs and a straightforward vocalist shape the band’s compositions. In September 2017 the first album “NUNCA PARE DE LUTAR” (never stop fighting) was released by The Film Records, Rotten Records and Skin Collector, and in December of the same year, the first official video of the song “OS VERDADEIROS” came out.
The band is formed by Deedy, on vocals, César, on drums, Juliano, on bass and Vinicius, on guitar.
Jon – So… what brings you to the UK?
Alberto – We were invited to be one of the bands playing on the introducing stage of the Rebellion Punk Music Festival.
Jon – Have any of you guys played in the UK before?
Alberto – No. This will be the first time we have left Brazil to play. The band’s drummer already went to London with his wife, but it was a holiday trip.
Jon – What do you know about Rebellion?
Alberto – I know it’s the biggest punk rock festival in the world! An event that every year mobilizes all the top bands and punk bands alike. And for us, it’s a great honor to be a part of this year’s lineup.
Jon – Which bands are you looking forward to seeing?
Alberto – Stiff Little Fingers, P.I.L., Addicts, The Boys, Buzzcocks, Vandals, Neville Staple, Mad Caddies, Angelic Upstarts, Exploited, Gimp Fist… and many others…
Jon – I see you supported Lions Law. Have you guys played any other big gigs?
Alberto – Yes. We play with three of the biggest punk rock bands in Brazil: Inocentes, Cólera and Garotos Podres, in which I am a guitarist today.
Jon – What is the punk /Alt scene like in Brazil at the moment?
Alberto – We are not at our best. There are some good bands coming up, but the public seems not to be too keen to enjoy new band shows. The big bands do few shows and who makes the scene happen are bands like: Subalternos, Fibonattis, Marginal Attack, Sindicato Oi and 90 em Chamas and some others.
The political scenario in Brazil today is terrible! I think punk bands could rebel more, but what I see is more the musicians’ interest in having a street punk band. Hi! and talk about bar and beer fights.
Jon – What got you into Punk?
Alberto – I identified with the sound and fomented the attitude of musicians like Joe Strummer, Johnny Rotten and Joe Ramone. Even though they were musicians without musical knowledge, they made “Do it yourself” a motto to be followed by all those young people who would like to have a band.
Jon – You mentioned politics earlier, do the Subalternos have a political ethos?
Alberto – Yes, Jon. Here, we breathe politics day and night. It reminds me a lot of England in the late 70’s until the Punk explosion!  Our lyrics speak about social issues such as racism, national politics and also behaviour.
Jon – Will you be doing any other gigs in the UK during your trip?
Alberto – Unfortunately not. We are asking for help for several people to get some more show for us. It will be our first trip out of the country with the band and we do not want to miss doing at least one more show in UK.
For now, we only have one show at Rebellion. But we accept invitations.
Jon – lets hope so! I’m looking forward to catching up with you at Rebellion and maybe share a beer or two
Alberto – It would be a great pleasure!  We hope the public likes the Subalterns in Rebellion.

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