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The Soap Girls talk about animal friendly cosmetics, high heels and stage outfits.

The Soap Girls have received all kinds of reactions to not only their music but also how they choose to dress.  Their look spurred The Punk Lounge on to support freedom of expression with our Befreebeyou features. But what about how it all began, where those influences came from, what products they use and who makes those amazing stage outfits?  Gary Trueman spoke to Mie and Millie about their early years in fashion and a love of high heels.

What are you earliest memories of dressing up and wearing make up?

Mie: “I was high heel mad and make up mad from an early age but our mum wouldn’t let us wear high heels until we were 16.  But in pre-school there was this kid who had this pair of really cool kids high heels and I convinced her to swap shoes with me and I went home with these little high heels on and my mum went insane.  She made me go back and give the shoes back.

Millie: “I was a tom boy so I wasn’t interested, but then when I was 16 I didn’t ever get out of high heels.  And I’ve worn eyeliner for years. I was about 12 when I tried mascara.”

Mie: “ At parties I would be like asking to see inside other women’s handbags to try stuff. I was just into pink lipstick, pink nails and pink rosy cheeks.”

Was there anyone back then that you saw and thought you’d like to look like?

Mie: “I liked Billy Idol. Shania Twain’s I feel like a woman, her outfits were really cool”

Millie: “I liked Steven Tyler. That guy looked so cool. Madonna too, like any of her music videos we loved.”

Make up wise you have very different looks. So what products do you use?

Mie: “I like things that aren’t tested on animals. I try to always wear stuff that isn’t tested on animals. Essence make good products and they’re cheap. There’s another product maker called Palladio too.  And basically glitter. I’ve heard that it’s bad for you but I wear industrial glitter on my face and everywhere.

Millie: “Again I also only wear animal friendly things. I stick to really good lipstick, really good eye liner, and the rest, fuck it. Any vegan or animal friendly brand I can find.”

Mie: “Mac wanted to give us products but we found out they test on animals so we said no.”

Moving on to hair, you’ve both got long blond hair but use a lot of wigs in your videos to mix things up. What do you use to keep your natural hair in good condition?

Millie: “I like washing my hair in Camomile shampoo which keeps it nice. I like a good conditioner and a hair mask and that’s it.”

Mie: “I like taking hot olive oil, warmed in a cup and you put it in your hair and wrap it in tin foil. Wrap it in a towel and leave it in for a bit, then wash it out. It’s good for moisturising your hair. But us with hair products and toiletries, we have too many, we have an addiction.”

Millie: “It’s the same with vegan sweets, when we find them we go apeshit for them.”

This is a biggie now and it’s important that people know this. Sam your mum makes all your stage outfits that always look amazing. So where do the source materials come from?

Millie: “Ooh, everywhere, sometimes she’ll use curtains, or t-shirts, or underwear. She’ll use socks, even bicycle tyres. Everything. Feathers, hair.”

You change them up quite a lot. Do they wear out quickly?

Millie: “They do and you can’t ever put them in a washing machine.”

Mie: “They do wear out. So these (holds up micro shorts) look like crotchless panties now.”

Millie: “Oh shit! Who’s wearing that tonight?”

Mie: “Well I’ll just wear a thong on under that one. Haha.”

You also have those awesome head dresses too. Are they heavy?

Mie: “Fucking heavy.”

Millie: “A lot of people are under the mistaken belief that they are some light things but when they try them on they are shocked.”

Mie: “My one is fucking heavy.”

You’re obviously into shoes and boots too.

Together: “Yes!.”

Millie: “People have different addictions, ours are toiletries, boots, and also guitars and I love Jack Daniels.”

What about the practicalities of wearing high heels on stage?

Millie: “Like I said I’ve worn high heels since I was 16 so no problem.”

Mie: “Hey, rock and roll is all about living on the edge.”

Millie: “Nothing is scarier than playing in heels, you know you could break you neck.”

Mie: “Sam ordered 36 pairs of shoes each for this tour but the people sent all size fives when we ordered size seven. So every show our feet are crying.”

Millie: “I wouldn’t perform in flat shoes. I would feel strange. I would perform bare foot but it would feel weird doing it in just sneakers.”

If they ever made a Soap Girls film who would be the best people to play you?

Mie: “I would choose somebody who has been through some shit in their own life so they could properly portray it, and also somebody who can play instruments.”

Millie: “Someone who has a good sense of humour and doesn’t give a fuck.”

Mie: “And they’d better be pretty, like Russel Crowe I think.”

A blond Russel Crowe?

Mie: “Yeah.”

If you were stranded on a desert island and you had all the survival gear you needed what three vanity items would you absolutely have to have too?

Millie: “For me it’s high heels, lipstick and a g-string.”

Mie: “For me it’s sun block, high heels and glitter.”


Snaps and chats by Gary Trueman


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