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The Last Resort is Back in Blackpool… With Lars Frederiksen

Roi Pearce

If you ask anyone who the most iconic, legendary Oi bands from the UK are, The Last Resort is sure to make nearly everyone’s top 5 list.  The original lineup only played together for a little more than one year before breaking up.  However, their music was so representative of Oi and the skinhead movement that they never died out.  The Last Resort has gone through some lineup changes, like every band that spans decades, and even played under another name at one point!  But The Last Resort has been back and going strong since 2002, playing countries all over the world.  One of their most recent trips were to Canada (for the first time ever!) to play the Montreal Oi Fest in March 2018. 

Their current lineup features Roi Pearce on vocals, Mik Gaffney on drums, JJ Kaos on bass and Lars Frederiksen on guitar.  Mik and JJ took some time to answer a few questions for the Punk Lounge about what they have been up to lately, what’s in the future for them, and how they prepare on their Road to Rebellion…



Each of you has witnessed the punk and Oi scenes as they transformed throughout the past few decades.  Why do you think festivals like Rebellion are important to the punk scene?

It’s always great to get the old guard and the new school on the same bill. So many great new bands are given the chance to play at Rebellion, a lot of whom have gone on to bigger and better things. It’s an important festival for keeping the momentum moving forward. Plus, us old boys have still got plenty of juice left in the tank!


Have you played the Rebellion festival before this year?

We’ve done it a fair few times over the years. Last year was a cracker, but to be fair, they’ve all been pretty bloody good. This year will be extra special as we have the new line-up together for Rebellion. A chap by the name of Lars Fredriksen is playing the guitar with us…


The Last Resort is definitely one of the most well-known Oi bands out there. Do you have any tips for success for some of the newer or lesser-known bands that want to apply for a festival like Rebellion?

Get a decent sounding demo together (not some scabby live rehearsal tape). Get out gigging and get your name out there. The bookers at Rebellion keep their ear to the ground so they’ll soon hear if you’re making waves.


Rebellion is a four-day extravaganza. What time slot do you have and what stage are you playing on? 

We play at 8.40 pm on Friday, August 3rd. You can find us at Club Casbah.


Will you be attending all four days of the festival or just for the day of your set?

JJ will be there for the duration. Roi will be around for some of it, dependent on Millwall’s fixtures. Mik will be there Thursday and Friday as he has another gig to get back for.


What bands are you currently listening to right now?

Right now, Rat’s Nest, who feature Connor (JJ’s son) on drums. You’ll know Connor as he’s our merch guy and sits in for Mik when he can’t make any gigs. The new Grade 2 and Stomper records… plus a load of classic tunes.


What bands playing at Rebellion this year are you most looking forward to seeing?

We are really looking forward to seeing D.R.I., the Vandals, Lagwagon, Wildhearts, The League, Exploited, Discharge… loads of great bands playing. You’ll see us popping up all over the gaff watching bands!


If you could pick one performer/band as your dream performance to see at Rebellion, who would it be?

For our drummer, Mik, that was The Skids the other year. He’s been waiting to see them play since he was a kid!


What is one must-have item that you wouldn’t survive Rebellion without?

Headache tablets! Hahahahaha


There is always a lot of drinking to be had at these events… what is your miracle hangover cure?

A good fry-up tends to cure all ills.


What are you currently working on or promoting?

We’re working on a new album, finally. We have our new boy Lars playing the guitar.  He’s flying over in October to start work. We can’t wait to get working on it. We thought it was about time we got a new album out!


Any last thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

Enjoy yourself, and don’t forget, 8.40pm, Club Casbah, Friday, August 3rd.

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