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THE DISTILLERS: ‘Man vs. Magnet’ Single Review

Fifteen years on since Coral Fang and The Distillers have reformed.  They have a dozen or so reunion gigs under their belt and to cement their return, has released two new tracks: “Man vs. Magnet” and “Blood In Gutters”. You can almost hear the sweet sigh of thousands of fans as they sit down and hit play.

My own opinion, albeit a little sad that it’s mine, is that ‘Man vs. Magnet’ is an overall good track but it’s one that doesn’t carry that bold impact of former songs.

Brody has spent years since The Distillers’ disbandment in 2006 on Spinnerette, solo work, and raising babies.  Although I expect the new Distillers to be a little softened, “Man vs. Magnet” doesn’t quite hit the spot. The lyrics are a little weak, the track itself a little predictable.

Andy Granelli’s return on drums for “Man vs. Magnet” is, however, a fantastic one.  Despite reservations on the song overall, it does get better with time and towards the close of the track, it does deliver a little more personality. Perhaps “Man vs. Magnet” just wasn’t the best choice as a first single in which to match fan expectations?

B-side “Blood In Gutters” is much more promising. Seemingly a re-work of “Blood In Gutters” of Brody’s solo Diploid Love album, it’s transformation to a punk track has given it a much more pronounced lease of life. The chorus ‘Find your weakness and kill it’ has a wicked bite in what is a profoundly positive song; ‘take your dreams and run into the sun’.

As a long-time fan of The Distillers, there is still music to be made and fun to be had and despite my mixed opinions on the new material, I await the announcement of a U.K tour with a lot of love and a lot of curiosity as to what direction Brody and the guys will take next.

Check out the new tracks for yourself and let us know what you think:

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