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Road to Rebellion – Suckerpunch. Straight-up, sing-along punk!

To close Rebellion Festival’s first day on the Introducing Stage is no easy task. You need a band that’s really good, a tight-knit unit of professionals to make you think; “Why haven’t I seen these before? What a feggin’ riot!” Well, luckily for you all, Suckerpunch are that band. They’re straight-up, fast, sing-along punk-rock guaranteed to have you dancing and get you ready for all those after-parties. If you don’t believe me you can check out the video evidence  below and read what they have to say about themselves.

It’s your first time playing Rebellion Festival (closing the Introducing Stage at 8.45pm on the Thursday). What’s the allure of playing Rebellion as a band? Have you been to the festival before?

Rebellion is the best festival in Europe for our genre of music and when we first started SUCKERPUNCH we all agreed that we wanted to play it. This year’s festival has such a wicked line-up, to finally be able to play it means the world to us! I just want to thank all the people who pushed for us and got us on – you are all ace!

What’s your best festival memory (either playing the festival or in the crowd)? 

I think with the number of bands playing that we know and are mates with makes this so good. Every band raises their game and goes for it. I think my favourite memories are of Pizza Tramp last year doing the same song 7 times and when Face Up played the RIS (Rebellion Introducing Stage). When the air-raid siren went off I had a lump in my throat! We’ve kind of come up with Face Up, so to see them killing it was very emotional. Either that or I was drunk hahaha!

Photo by Gerald Underwood

I’m liking the new tracks from the new E.P – ‘View from the Mood Swings’ – particularly ‘Instagrudge’. What are the new songs about in comparison to your last release? What can people who haven’t watched Suckerpunch before expect from your set?

I think the new songs show that we are more together as a band. We’ve had a lineup change at the start of the year and went more or less straight into the studio to record about a week later. We recorded over two days and it was really chilled out in a great atmosphere – it was a pleasure to record, to be honest.

We will probably always play fast, sing-along punk rock. I still stand by all the songs on the first E.P but I think with the new songs we’ve gotten more into our own style. I always write about what I see, the songs are never about anyone in particular but if the cap fits hahaha!

I get a lot of inspiration from the way people interact with each other, especially online and Instagrudge is about how we fall over ourselves to make daft people famous for absolutely no reason and the pitfalls associated with that.

What other bands are you looking forward to seeing? 

Photo by Neil Colledge

The list is probably endless but I can’t wait to see: Face Up; Brassick; Pizza Tramp; GBH; The Murderburgers; The Liarbilitys; Kid Klumsy; Vertigo Violet; Dirt Box and SV; Knock off, Wonk Unit, Drongos; and also The Wildhearts! We are obviously influenced by them and the fact that we are on the same festival bill is still making me freak out a bit!

Any crazy pre-show/after-show traditions? How will you be recovering after your set on the Friday?

Pre-show we always just give it a fist bump and go for it. Every gig starts with “IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME!” and that’s our mission statement really – here we all are, let’s GO!

We want people to have a wicked time and do our best to smash the place to bits. Playing live is our favourite thing and we treat every gig as if it’s our last day on earth. I see a few bands dial it in sometimes and I just don’t get it. People work crappy jobs for long hours and they pay in to be entertained. We have to make sure they get their monies worth!

With Rebellion we always tend to go a bit mental. This year loads of my mates are playing on the Thursday, so it will be extra special. It’s my good friend’s 30th birthday on the Friday too, so we will probably still be going haha!

What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play?

People need to see them all because they are all brilliant hahaha! I think if people check us out they’ll have their favourites but live favourites that get the crowd going are: ‘Right To Be Offended’; ‘Ninjas and Pirates and Lasers and Shit’; ‘Blue Pill Red Pill’; and ‘Mouth Breather’. I love playing them all, to be honest, and people singing your songs back to you is the best feeling in the world.

We are so chuffed to be at this year’s festival and when we saw the stage times we all went mad, it means so much to us. Hopefully, there will be a couple of new songs in the set by then too. We are working on some wicked stuff at the moment, it’s like Pennywise and The Wildhearts had a dirty weekend with Motorhead!

Any last words?

We have a European tour with Angry Itch and Drongos For Europe planned for this October, so if we survive that we are hoping that the new album will be finished not long after. We are still playing as many gigs as we can until then so keep an eye on the Facebook page for details. There are some wicked shows planned!

Suckerpunch will be playing Thursday 2nd August at Rebellion Blackpool on the Introducing Stage at 8.45pm (line-up HERE). For more tour dates and to keep an eye on what’s to come for Suckerpunch CLICK HERE.

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