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Introducing Shane Pain: Socio-Political Goth Rock

Shane Pain, an emerging socio-political band from West Yorkshire, have just released their first single and a music video for ‘Within Our Means’. They’re a band of chugging riffs and sorrowful gothic-style vocals combined with cynicism, an anti-establishment message, and plenty of punk attitude. Listening to the track, I can hear influences from The Sisters of Mercy in terms of vocal drawl, the political aggressiveness of Dead Kennedys and a little bit of Marilyn Manson’s unflinching demeanour.

The video for ‘Within Our Means’ sees Shane Pain himself (Shane Pain being the name of both frontman and band) wandering the streets of Leeds begging for money for the banker’s bonuses whilst dressed as Theresa May. Shane, for the record, does an excellent interpretation of that face. The dress-up was put together shortly before support slots with both Michele Graves and then Doyle of Misfits – not bad for a band that hadn’t yet released their first single!

Within Our Means’ shows plenty of eccentricity and activism, they’re definitely not your typical punk band. The track’s social commentary is a great introduction for new listeners of Shane Pain, and I’m certainly full of intrigue for upcoming album ‘Slave Songs For This Century’ to see what else they have to offer.

Credits for the video go to Tom Fox at Moorcroft Studios and Chris Dover – bringing together a strong (and stable) representation of a very interesting band.

Shane Pain are: Shane Pain, Bacon Pain, Damien Pain and Max Pain.

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