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Ruts DC – Christmas party at the 100 Club, 23rd December 2017

I’ve been to many great gigs in 2017. Culminating in this one at the 100 Club. I definitely saved the best until last!!

Photography by Dod Morrison


By the time I got there the 100 Club was already very busy, there was that atmosphere in the venue that you only get occasionally where there’s anticipation in the air. I knew it would be special.

The first band on, were London Sewage Company. Led by the infamous Barnet Mark from the now sadly deceased 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street. The band went down a storm with the crowd playing their lively brand of dirty rock ‘n’ roll. A band I hadn’t caught live before but one I’ll definitely see again. Perfect opener for the two bands to come.

The place was really buzzing by the time Department S came on.  Department S has evolved into a new band as such. They only played two songs from their original incantation. ‘Going Left Right’ and the obligatory ‘Is Vic There?’ I really liked the way the new material was received by the crowd, although would’ve liked to have heard my favourite song of theirs, ‘I Want’. Many a time a crowd only want to hear the big tunes but set length may have been prohibitive.  Maybe their need was placated by the Human Punk DJ’s spinning singalong anthems in between bands. With the crowd singing choruses and dancing frantically!!

Then time for the stars of the show. Ruts DC. Now this is a band truly on form tonight. Maybe it’s the atmosphere of the crowd in the 100 Club that brings out the best in them? But this was truly one of THE great sets. For those of you who haven’t seen Ruts DC lately they are now a three piece. Original members Dave Ruffy and Segs Jennings ably assisted by Leigh Heggarty. They work so well as a three piece. The obvious drum/bass connection that has been going for forty years with guitar sound very Paul Fox like. I loved the way that they played tracks new and old but they all segued into each other perfectly. Tunes like ‘Psychic Attack’, ‘Music Must Destroy’ and ‘Kill The Pain’ blending in well with the anthems like ‘Babylon’s Burning’, ‘Staring At The Rude Boys’ and my personal favourite ‘In A Rut’. They basically played all the tunes you’d be hoping for along with a great cover of David Bowie’s ‘Suffragette City’ as an encore.

Gig of the year for me? I can’t think of a better one.

Looking at the reaction from the packed 100 Club it was for many of them too. Hopefully this’ll become a traditional Christmas party.

Photography by Dod Morrison

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