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RunHideFight Interview

JOE: How did you guys come together to form RunHideFight?

GEETA: We have known each other since the late ’90s, when we all played in garage bands in Philly. JT was in the Original Sins and The Creatures of the Golden Dawn, I was in Rockula, Christine was in Mae Pang and Jon was in Three 4 Tens.

J: What made you choose your name?

G: Frustration at the general state of dischord in our country and what things have come to. I noticed that this PSA, which used to be something like Run Hide Tell, had turned to “RunHideFight”- and I thought, “Wow. I guess they’ve given up on these horrific events ever stopping, so they’re telling us we may as well fight”. Although, the band name is also about positivity: standing up to adversity, standing up for what’s right even when it’s scary enough to make you want to run or hide.

J: How long have you guys been playing together?

G: Just about a year- our first show was last Halloween (10/28/17).

J: Well Happy Belated Birthday to you guys. What do you like most about playing live?

G: There is no other feeling like playing live. When its working, the energy exchange between the music that’s being created on the stage and the audience who is right there with you.

J: Amen! That’s what I love hearing it live. Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

G: The Sonics, The Saints, The Stooges, The Kinks, Shocking Blue and anything related to Billy Childish.

J: What genre of music would you say defines your sound?

G: Garage punk or garage rock.

J: Do you have any crazy road stories to tell The Punk Lounge?

G: I guess this is where the old ‘Gas trumpet” story comes in. There was a crazy adventure involving running out of gas just as it started to storm, getting a gas can that none of us could figure out how to work, everyone getting soaked in gasoline (yikes!?!) and finally using a child’s toy trumpet that we crammed into the fuel tank. We ended up bathing in vinegar to get the smell out.

J: I’ve had that gas can problem before. No toy trumpet handy though. Is there any location you would like to play still?

G: We can’t wait to get to Spain!

J: Where can people listen to/buy your music? Where can people buy merch?

G: They can get our single at our bandcamp site, as our label Hidden Volume Records had sold out of their stock.

You can write to me through there or our website, to order shirts, stickers, 45 adapters with our logo on it, pins, as well as silk screened posters from our “Hidden Volume Records Presents” night.

J: What do you want to bring to the music scene?

G: Hmmm, well: humor, honesty, untethered femininity, intelligence, perspective but mostly, RAWK n freaking ROLL.

J: What’s something that can be a problem as a band?

G: Scheduling. We are all crazy busy people who don’t really live near each other. Our genius bass player Christine forces us all to use Google calendar.

J: What advice would you give to people who are forming a band and in the process of making music?

G: Don’t listen to anyone else’s judgement. Put your feelings of embarrassment and self doubt behind you; deep down you know what you want to say, what you need to say. Find a way to do it without letting the friction of the rest of the world take that energy from you.

J: What’s your ultimate goal for the band?

G: Recording an album, touring the US and then getting to Europe to spread the love.

J: Thanks for your time and you guys did a great job in Philly at The Barbary. Thanks for inviting me out.

Geeta Simons – songwriting, lead vocals, 12 string guitar/sitar, rhythm guitar

John “Brother JT” Terlesky – lead guitar, vocals

Christine Weiser- bass, backing vocals

Jon Kois – drums

Fabulon- beehive

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