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‘Road Trip’ by 180db Featuring Meredith Graves & Nick Zinner

‘Road Trip’ by 180db featuring Meredith Graves & Nick Zinner (Midnight Feast)

It’s entirely appropriate that the 180db logo is red and black, colours which are traditionally associated with the anti-politics of ‘anarchy’, because ‘Road Trip’ a single by this Savages-plus-friends offshoot, is also defiant and satisfyingly unconventional.

Over a bedrock of gnarly, switchblade-sharp, Stooges-like guitar riffs, singer Meredith’s palpitating vocals fire off a fusillade of accusatory non-sequiturs. Sample lyric: ‘god bless my medication…the chains that keep me from the point of no return!”- all half-shouted and half-sung in a voice that’s redolent of Karen O in an altered state. This wildly energetic sequence of musical and vocal push-and-pull dynamics is underscored and emphasised by a drum machine which appears to be on the edge of collapsing in on itself; as it fires off stop/start militaristic tattoos.

The accompanying video is as wonderfully spiky and disjointed as its soundtrack, full of fast jump cuts and dark intent. Most artist’s ‘promos’ feel like lazy and rote afterthoughts, but the video for ‘Road Trip’ perfectly complements its music, and after a couple of listens/ views, suddenly they feel like they are an inseparable artistic yin and yang.

The inclusion of an ‘instrumental’ as a nominal ‘B-side’ is normally a pretty uninteresting proposition, but in the case of ‘Road Trip’ it is actually a good move, because it allows one to tease apart the layers of this frantic sonic tapestry, and in doing so one can discern just how cleverly it’s been constructed.

I thought it might be instructive to do a web search on ‘180db’ and interestingly one of the results describes how volcano Krakatoa’s loudest ever recorded sound was measured at 180db. This may not actually be from whence the project’s name is derived of course, but I would suggest that it’s entirely opposite. Because just like an angry volcano, ‘Road Trip’ too erupts and is full of fire and awesome power.

Here’s hoping that this isn’t a one-off track by 180db.

The video for ‘Road Trip’


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