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Road to Rebellion: No, Not ‘Full Pints’… Meet the Vulpynes!


Adding to the ever growing list of international artists are Rebellion first-timers The Vulpynes.  This Dublin-based twosome have made a big impression since the release of their self-titled EP that was released in March 2018 on Headcheck Records.  Being brought on to support the likes of Deap Vally, Doyle and The Marmozets only solidifies the hype.  The Vulpynes describe their sound as feisty and raw.  So if you like your music relentlessly ballsy, with a grungy, fuzzy edge, head over to the Rebellion Introducing stage at 5.45pm on Thursday (August 2nd).  You would be making a wise decision to not miss these ladies play.



Meet the Vulpynes!

Is this your first time playing Rebellion? If not, when have you played before?

It’s our first time! We are very excited and honoured to be a part of it. We wanted to play Rebellion before we even had any songs.


What tips for other musicians do you have on applying to play Rebellion?

Make music you believe in, and be nice to everyone you meet in the scene.


What is your all time fave Rebellion performance/moment?

When we found out we were playing the Introducing stage! [haha] But no, this is our first Rebellion so we have yet to see anyone play it.


Who/what is your dream Rebellion performance?

Maeve: The lineup for this year is pretty dreamy. If I were to be greedy, I would add the Distillers, Black Flag, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Kaz: This year’s lineup has some amazing bands I’m dying to see! I’m delighted to be playing alongside them all.


What is a must have thing (what do you always bring that you cannot leave home without?) for Rebellion?

Maeve: A timetable mapped out to precision because I need to know what’s going on everywhere at all times. I don’t like looking through my phone for times at festivals so I prefer to have it all printed or written down. Nerd alert!

Kaz: Booze, sunscreen, and Maeve’s timetable!


Best hangover cure? If anyone in the band is sober, what beverage or food keeps you going for Rebellion!

Maeve: Strong black coffee with no milk or sugar

Kaz: Water, water, and more water.


What part of a music kit do you think every artist should bring to Rebellion?

Maeve: Aside from the obvious stuff like spare cables and strings?  Cards and band flyers are handy to have. No one knows what the hell I’m saying when I say ‘Vulpynes’, everyone thinks I’m saying ‘Full pints’!

Kaz: Merch 🙂


What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play?

You’re going to have to watch the whole set I’m afraid, haha.


What day, time and stage are you performing?

We’re playing the Introducing stage at 17.45 on Thursday.


What are you currently working on or currently promoting?

We released our debut EP on Headcheck Records in March. We are recording again this month and we’ll be releasing something new as soon as it is ready.


What is the best thing for you about Rebellion?

It’s wonderful to have a festival dedicated to punk music and culture that includes up and coming bands too. It really has something for everyone.


What do you think could be improved for your Rebellion experience?

Nothing to improve! Maybe make it even longer? Like a week! Roll on August we are ready!

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