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R2R Scotland Edition: You Take The High Road, I’ll Take The Low Road!

Pre-Rebellion Festival catch up with some of Scotland’s finest exponents of mayhem.

The Rebellion Festival, Winter Gardens Blackpool August 2nd – 5th


The biggest punk rock festival on the planet has been going (in one form or another) since 1996. More than just about the music, there’s an Art Exhibition, Clothing and Record sales, Healing Workshops, Tattooists, Poetry and so much more. Rebellion is one big family atmosphere under one roof.  Well almost, it has spilled out into the car park before! The Acoustic Lounge is popular as you can have a beer, chill and listen to some great music. You can even play Bingo with the mad cap punk Max Splodge every lunchtime!

So, let’s hear from some of the Scottish Bands who are making their way to this year’s festival.


Formed in late ’77, the band have a very long and fluid past. Gerry Attrik has been the main stay of the band throughout and is still the driving force behind the band. There’s not many gigs that Fire Exit have missed through the years. Well-known and well respected by bands and fans alike, Gerry may not quite be the Charlie Harper of Scottish punk rock, but he’s not far off it (and I don’t mean age wise). Their gigs have a festive feel to them as the songs are upbeat and influenced by punk/ska/rock n roll which give them a broad appeal. The rest of the band consist of Jess E Ska (Bass), Paul Thomson (Guitar), Arab (Drums) and Lil Charlie (Mouth Organ).


The punk/ska exponents from Dundee, consist of poet/writer/singer/bagpipe player Gary Robertson, Trotsky (Guitar), Stevie (Bass) and Tez (Drums).  And although he’s from “darn saff”, he got his Scottish passport a long time ago! Sung in the local Dundee dialect, The Cundeez are known for their uncompromising songs. When it comes to playing “lehve” and with song titles like “Yir Talkin Shite” and “Ehm Feelin Teckle” they make no bones about what they sing about, so get “wi” the program! You’ll hear the cry of ‘taps aff’ at many a gig, which often results in various members stripping to the waist… but luckily, the signature kilts remain. If Gary’s voice doesn’t get you, the bagpipes will!


Another fine export from Dundee, the Eddies have been on the scene since ‘94. They are a 5 piece with Lee Guthrie (Vocals), Ed Middleton/Steve Clark (Guitars), Ian Sherriff (Bass) and Andy Cochrane (Drums). They have seen a few changes in line up over the years, but this version has been around for the last three. What you see is what you get with The Eddies. They have a strong setlist which has political and social commentary, well-crafted lyrics and strong well delivered punk rock. The songs often have a singalong nature to them and you’ll see their t-shirts at loads of festivals proving they have the respect of a lot of their peers.


Punk Rock from the Streets of Glasgow.  That makes it 2 – 2 if it were a game ‘o fitba’. Two from Dundee and two from Glasgow. The band started life in ’89. The colourful Peter McCartney (Vocals) loves to project himself onto the crowd. And although diminutive in figure, he’s larger than life. They are also a 5 piece band that’s had a few changes of line ups, but guitar stalwarts Tam/Fred have recently been joined by Dave and Martin on Bass and Drums. Having a frontman like Peter certainly means there’s never a dull moment. Catchy, well delivered pop punk songs with a real drive to them.  They are embellished by the flamboyant singer who will “Delete“ you in his mission to bring the “Re-invention Brilliance” to a venue near you.


Pop punk outfit from Dundee (That’s 3-2 now!) have only been noising it up since 2015 so are relative newcomers. David Hennessey (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), Graeme Jackson (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) and Ryan Hughes (Drums) have a raw/chaotic demeanour and like to do their best to interact with their crowd. With the occasional swap between guitar and bass during the set (depending what David’s singing) it can get animated on stage. Writing material from self experience, the songs are often raw and from the heart (or the sleeve, depending where it’s being worn).


It’s a draw 3-3. Balance has been restored to the precedings. Who’s gonna take the High Road and who’s gonna take the Low Road? No matter, as it’s all about the journey. The Red Eyes bring their ’77 style punk rock to Blackpool.  Another 90’s band, formed in ’97, they do love a catchy tune. Their twin guitars work well like many pop punk bands have done so well in the past. The clearly delivered vocals make the songs accessible to a wider audience. Like all the other bands mentioned above, they gig on a regular basis. The band are Alan Bishop (Lead Vocals / R. Guitar), Alex King (Lead Guitar / B. Vocals), David Bradford (Bass) and Jan Hans (Drums).


(Picture courtesy of KSG Photography)

The Glasgow 9 piece collective/super group give the west coast the edge now (4-3 if you’re still counting!). They bring their infectious ska grooves to Blackpool again this year. Jake (Vocals/Guitar), Rab (Lead Guitar), Jess (Bass), John (Keys), Reagin (Trumpet), Fraser (Trombone), Brian and Lynsey (Sax) and Gary (Drums) will bring the energy and have the crowd bouncing. They have a busy gigging schedule but always have time for Rebellion. It’s the bands 10th Anniversary this year and where better to celebrate? Members have come and gone but the show goes on!


Reggae/Punk/Ska outfit, strictly speaking from Dunblane in Perthshire (but near enough Dundee for the purposes of the game! It’s 4-4).  The band are made up of David McCallum (Vocals), Ian Kaye (Guitar), Rich McGlashan (Bass & Backing Vocals), Peter Morrison (Drums + Backing Vocals) and they enjoy an occasional impromptu visit from guests on stage as well. The relaxed festival atmosphere matches their music perfectly. They released their debut album Dark Alleys last year and enjoy gigging up and down the country. 


Thanks to all the bands who have agreed to take part in this insight into their “Road to Rebellion”


Q. Rebellion has been running since 1996, when did you first hear about it.

(Fire Exit) I was sitting on the toilet at home reading a magazine. It had an advert for Holidays in the Sun (Festival later Wasted/Rebellion) in Blackpool.  Mo and I were just ready to book Greece again and I shouted for her to wait.  After she read the advert, we booked Blackpool to see ATV & Sham 69. I think we went to an all dayer in bath before it. 

(The Cundeez) As individuals, we were always aware of the Rebellion (and Wasted) festival. The line-ups were always fantastic!  Unfortunately, those early years for me were at holiday time and a young family came first.

(The Eddies) That depends on which band member you speak to.  Some of us are a bit longer in the tooth and have been aware of Rebellion for many years.

(4 Past Midnight) I first heard about it in 1996 when it was called Holidays in the Sun and held at the Dome Morecambe.  

(Delinquents) My dad used to talk about going every year when I was a kid but something always came up. It was called Wasted or Holidays in the Sun back then. Blackpool is my old boy’s second home and he introduced me to punk rock. Ironically, we didn’t actually go to the festival together till 2013. We haven’t missed a year since and it’s been like a family holiday as such.

(Red Eyes) We actually had a Stiff Little Fingers tribute band called “Hanx!” at the time (95-97) and we played at the very first Festival in 1996. It was called Holidays In The Sun and we played the Saturday afternoon in the Empress Ballroom. We were a very late addition and were only added a few days before as someone had pulled out. 3 out of the 4 of us were going anyway as punters. Think I first heard about it thru’ either the NME or Melody Maker (not many people had the internet). It was at the Festival that we talked about doing our own music and from there The Red Eyes were formed.

(Esperanza) About 2004, when i was at high school. I had tickets to go when I was 17 but that fell through, finally went in 2015 for the first time.

(Tripwire DC) Some of the members of the band have know about it since it started.


Q. What was your initial opinion of Rebellion, as a festival.

(Fire Exit)  Loved it and have done ever since.

(The Cundeez) Initial opinion of Rebellion, was that it was the hottest ticket as far as going to see Punk and Skinhead bands was concerned.

(The Eddies) If you’re playing any kind of Punk rock you’re going to know Rebellion is the biggest festival of its kind with a great reputation for taking care of its people and punters.

(4 Past Midnight) My first initial thoughts tbh was how do I get 4pm on it Ha.

(Delinquents) Well organised and chaotic if that’s possible. Well organised as you knew were everything was within an hour or two. Chaotic because you are literally running around wanting to see every band. Incredibly friendly, sounds cliché but the ‘punk rock family’ is the friendliest bunch of folk you will ever meet.

(Red Eyes)  It looked great having a full weekend of Punk bands playing especially the fact that a few bands had re-formed just for the Festival. Slaughter & The Dogs for example.

(Esperanza) Very exciting and full of variety. 

(Tripwire DC) Used to think lots of people that went to Rebellion never supported their local music scenes.


Q. Did your opinion change at all after you went for the first time.

(Fire Exit) Yes I thought it was amazing that so many bands appeared under one roof after so many years, dream come true.

(The Cundeez) Our (The Cundeez) first impressions of going to Rebellion was that it was even better than we were hoping for – the totally professional set up, the people, the camaraderie, the banter. We have made so many friends for life.

(The Eddies) Absolutely.  Even after all the positive reports and excitement about going it was still way more than any of us expected.  It lived up to its reputation and then some.

(4 Past Midnight) I first went to it 1999 I found it pretty decent and a good time was had.

(Delinquents) It didn’t but I certainly did things differently. Like drinking on the train at 10 am and thinking I can see a band playing at 1 am is just bonkers.

(Red Eyes)  Great weekend from the very first one and has got better and better. I’ve only missed 3 years out of 22.

(Esperanza) Not at all, it was amazing!

(Tripwire DC) Yes Definitely, I met people from all over the U.K that I have also met at gigs all over the country.


Q. Was it always your plan to play at Rebellion. What’s your history playing there.

(Fire Exit) I attended everyone even abroad.  In 2000 we were having a drink at the bar with Max Splodge & Daz Russell when “Timewall” was playing in the background (our first single released in 1979).  Max said to Daz “do you like that?”, Daz said “yes love it”.  Max said “that’s Gerry’s band Fire Exit”.  I was then asked to play the following year and have done since 2001, including Vienna, Venice, and Amsterdam (x3).  It’s been great.

(The Cundeez) As a band, we have been on the go in one form or another since 2007 so a fairly young band in terms of history. Of course we would always have wanted to play Rebellion. We just kept doing our own thing, playing as many gigs as we could and submitting our material to Rebellion organisers. Then some 5 years ago, Stevie (bass player) received a message saying ‘would you like a gig on such a date on a Thursday in Blackpool?’ Initially, he was like ‘I don’t think so’ until they said it was Rebellion! ‘Fuckin right we’ll do it! We’ll travel down yesterday! Hahaha!’ And so it began. We headlined the ‘Introducing Stage’ then followed on the Casbah, Almost Acoustic, Outdoor Stage, Empress Ballroom. It has been an unbelievable experience and the livers have taken some outrageous kickings!

(The Eddies) An aspiration rather than a plan perhaps.  It must be on every band’s wish list.  We were lucky enough to be asked for the first time last year and had the opportunity to the play the Introducing stage which is a great platform for bands new to the festival.  It was a great experience and we’re over the moon to be back this year.

(4 Past Midnight) We have only played it once in 2006, It was a pretty good experience …It was called Wasted back then.

(Delinquents) It was certainly on the bucket list. We played the introducing stage last year which was incredible. We will have been a band for three years this autumn so I still pinch myself that we are now playing one of the main stages this year. I pinch myself a lot with what we achieved in such a short space of time together.

(Red Eyes)  Yeah after getting a taster of playing the very first one as Hanx! the goal was always to get The Red Eyes playing at the Festival.

The Red Eyes first played in 2001 and then 2003 and 2011.

I’ve played the Acoustic stage 7 times the first time in 2004 when the Acoustic stage was introduced.

(Esperanza) Since being in Esperanza I have always wanted us to play and have tried for  since I joined 6 years ago. We’re all looking forward to finally play at it. Since going I have had even more hope for playing and especially after joining Ex-Cathedra last year in the Ballroom.

(Tripwire DC) We always wanted to play, but getting noticed was the hard part, but we are really looking forward to taking things to the next level and this year we are playing Rebellion Introducing Stage.


Q. As a band, how will you get there, where do you stay.

(Fire Exit) Trains, cars. We stay at various B& B & hotels.

(The Cundeez) We will travel down in car and always stay at the Lawton Hotel – the staff are brilliant! It’s always nice meeting all the different characters on the road south.

(The Eddies) We’re trying to co-ordinate travel but some of us are traveling at different times.  A few of us are driving down on Thursday which is the day we play – 1.30 Arena Stage – it’ll mean an early start from Dundee so it could well get messy later in the day!

(4 Past Midnight) We are all travelling down individually and staying in the surrounding hotels. I am staying at The Albany.

(Delinquents) We head down in the car on the Wednesday, and stay at a B&B for the five days. I can’t actually remember the name of the place we are staying in this year haha!

(Red Eyes)  3 of us going by train and one by car.  We’ll be staying in B&B’s.

(Esperanza) We will all be driving down and staying in B&Bs. The festival is my summer holiday so I’ll be there partying from Wednesday! I think most others will be down from the Thursday.

(Tripwire DC) We will be travelling by car, some of us are booked into hotels, Rich goes every year and stays for the duration.


Q. Do you have any stand out memories through the years.

(Fire Exit) Loads we definitely play our best at the festivals feeding off the crowd .but my best memory is when we sat with Lars (Rancid) and he went on stage during his set and dedicated happy birthday to Mo (my wife & mate for life). 

(The Cundeez) Stand out memories would definitely be the first one headlining the Introducing Stage – absolutely shiting oor breeks! Actually, come to think o it, dinna hae any breeks on so shiting the kilts I suppose hahaha!

(The Eddies) It’s got to be playing there for the first time.

(4 Past Midnight) Well like I said we have only played once so only the one memory I’m afraid lol

(Delinquents) Playing is obviously a stand out but Rancid headlining in 2012, The Damned’s set, Anti Flag in 2015 were absolute stormers. Frank Carter and Slaves definitely brought it last year. I got blind drunk and fell asleep in the opera house in 2016 during Peter Hook and The Light after queuing for ages to get in. His set was quality and full of Joy Division classics and I came to during one of my favourite ever songs ‘Ceremony’. Another memory is losing my phone, hotel key and trying to get all four members of The Zips in a taxi at about 3 am last year. It was like herding cattle.

(Red Eyes)  Just all the years I’ve been lucky enough to play either with the band or solo acoustic. Made a lot of good friends over the years as well. The years when the Festival was in Morecambe were good as well. The Dome was a great venue (sadly no longer there). Got to see so many bands I’d never seen before and probably wouldn’t have had the chance to if it wasn’t for Holidays In The Sun, Wasted or Rebellion.

(Esperanza) Playing with Ex-Cathedra last year was amazing, such a buzz. The year before that I ended up dancing on stage with Roy Ellis.

(Tripwire DC) Yes.. Rancid in 2011 or 2012, were totally awesome, Jaya the Cat blew me away the first time I saw them, Dirt Box Disco in the ballroom with 4,000 people and a Rebellion Record of over 90 stage dives, Rich was one of these.


Q. Do you have a routine for Rebellion, do you make a plan or go with the flow?

(Fire Exit) The best plans never work we rehearse the week before plan to see as many bands as we can , it usually gets blown out the water as you meet so many friends old & new and stat gassing to everyone you miss the bands you waited to see. But its fantastic atmosphere.

(The Cundeez) General rule for us as a band – focus, play the best we can, entertain, get the job done then drink hard and play hard.

(The Eddies) A bit of both really.  With so many great bands playing over the weekend you’ve got to have some kinda battle plan to make sure you catch the other bands you really want to see.

(4 Past Midnight) We are preparing to put on a spectacular show …With my Reinvention Brilliance Condeeeetion anything is now possible …It will be a spectacular Extravaganza to say the least Count on That Brother !!

(Delinquents) Always list the bands I absolutely don’t want to miss. I like to spend time at the RIS since its inception. Other than that I go with the flow.

(Red Eyes)  Have made plans but they usually go out the window after the first beer lol….go with the flow.

(Esperanza) No, fun, dancing, party. Bringing some Scottish ska to the masses!

(Tripwire DC) we always have a plan, but plans don’t always go accordingly, especially if the sun is shining outside.


Q. Any bands that are a must see this year?

(Fire Exit) Church of Confidence , The Red Eyes, 4PM . Control. The Boys, Splodge,TV Smith just loads far too many to mention.

(The Cundeez) I’d be lying if I said we’ll be going see this band or that band. We WILL try and see as many bands as we can but for us, the social element is just as important and mixing and having a drink and a laugh with as many people as we can. Want to see the Buzzcocks, Exploited, Upstarts, GBH, Cockney Rejects.

(The Eddies) Too many to list here but we’ve gotta put a shout out to the other Dundee bands Delinquents and The Cundeez.

(4 Past Midnight) Most of the American bands Lagwagon, Lillingtons, Bonecrusher, But to be honest I am going to be focusing on my own band spreading the word passing out flyers putting up posters of Brilliance, We must Delete all the Non Believers of my Reinvention Brilliance Condeeeetion.   

(Delinquents) The Menzingers, IDLES, The Wildhearts, Buzzcocks, Angelic Upstarts, Adolescents, Billy Liar, Aerial Salad, No Thrills, The Eddies and Face Up.

(Red Eyes)   First of all a big shout out to the other Scottish bands who are playing – Fire Exit, The Eddies, 4PM, The Cundeez, Esperanza and The Delinquents…hope to catch them all.

Heavy Drapes would have been a must see if not for the passing of Garry R.I.P.

Theatre of Hate, The Boys, Macc Lads, Upstarts, Subs, Bar Stool Preachers, The Lee Harveys, TV. Smith, The Briefs, SLF, Ruts DC, Church of Confidence plus loads more….again that’s the plan but whether it happens… lol.

(Esperanza) Esperanza obviously . Definitely check out Faintest Idea, great ska band! And obviouslt The Adicts, the show itself is something else. 

(Tripwire DC) Jaya the Cat , Millie Manders and The Shutup


Q. Do you spend much time at The Introducing Stage?  Do you check out the bands before Rebellion?

(Fire Exit) Yes I try and get in as much as I can , it’s a great idea and lets you see other gigging bands. Some real diamonds came outta that stage, Heavy Drapes for instance. Yip get in and see new talent. 

(The Cundeez) Like I say, we don’t plan our time at Rebellion, it really does roll and go with the flow but we do try to take in the Introducing Stage, always some real gems to be found there.

(The Eddies) Absolutely.  There were some great bands played there last year, and this year will be no different.  It’s a great opportunity to catch bands you maybe aren’t as aware of.

(4 Past Midnight) Well I have only been twice that was before there was an introducing stage , I’m sure I will venture to it to see whats what.

(Delinquents) As mentioned previously it was a stage I frequented often last year. I actually try not to check them for the RIS as it feels completely fresh watching the band live without knowing what they sound like. I plan every other band, it’s nice to be surprised sometimes in music and sometimes I really miss that buzz of just discovering a band live without ever listening to them beforehand.

(Red Eyes)  Popped in and out last year but not for long. Hope to check out a few more on that stage this year. Usually check out a few on youtube to see what I might like.

(Esperanza) I really like the Introducing stage and its new place at the front door is very clever and much better than previously. Over the past few years I have discovered a lot of new bands through it. And yes, I do like to look up bands before it, especially with unusual names and ones I’ve never heard. 

(Tripwire DC) Yes always spend time at the Introducing stage, I think it is the most important part of Rebellion, Bringing new bands through, old school bands won’t live forever.


Q. The main festival is over 4 days, do you plan to attend every day?

(Fire Exit) Of course every year, rude not to.

(The Cundeez) Due to work or family commitments (or both) we can’t all manage the 4 days, usually 3 and then the liver gets hung out to dry on the washing line.

(The Eddies) Oh yes.

(4 Past Midnight) Yeassssss Brother all 4 days there are many Obsolete Mules to DELETE!! (Delinquents) Yes. Every year probably as long as I can.

(Red Eyes)  No coming home Sunday (work commitments) 3 out of 4 days ain’t bad.

(Esperanza) Yes! I will be in the Rose and Crown for the pre-party and then for the afterparty!

(Tripwire DC) Yes will be there every day.


Q. It can be a long 4 days, any tips for surviving the festival?

(Fire Exit) Yes pace it out eat a big breakfast start drinking as early as you can, sleep in between bands and have the best fun in your life. Oh eat something later as well then keep drinking don’t stop till Sunday night.

(The Cundeez) Tips for surviving the Festival would definitely be – don’t drink with The Cundeez! Hahaha

(The Eddies) Go easy in the afternoon – keep hydrated – look out for each other.

(4Past Midnight) Yeasssssssssssssssss Plenty of rest , And if you pay me a visit and I knight you with the cane of Brilliance you will feel like the man thats super Delightful

(Delinquents) Try and nap when there aren’t bands on that you want to see. Otherwise you ain’t lasting till 1am! Don’t get too drunk and lose your phone. Remember what hotel you are in and don’t try and blag your way into other hotels when you can’t find your hotel key. Just sayin.

(Red Eyes)  Plenty of sleep and straight back “on it” the next day lol.

(Esperanza) No. Esperanza normally play festivals of the same length but with camping only so it’s very fortunate to have a real bed to go back to. It’s a bit of luxury compared to our usual ones!

(Tripwire DC) drink alcohol in moderation if possible, drink plenty water and remember to eat food. 


Q. As an artist, has Rebellion changed your outlook any? It’s a huge festival, more than a one off venue.

(Fire Exit) Yes it has. I can honestly say including ourselves half the bands would never have reformed or kept going if it wasn’t for the Rebellion festival. 

(The Cundeez) As a band, playing Rebellion hasn’t changed our attitudes in any way. Yes, it’s a massive deal but we are always grateful for any invite and appreciate being part of a wonderful family of nutters!

(The Eddies) It’s good to get a sense of achievement from playing and it brings a desire to push again for next year which in turn brings a creative focus.

(4 Past Midnight) It hasnt changed my view tbh , I just wish a lot of the people who go would consider going to a small gig , There is too much of this Nostalgia nonsense going on People afraid or just plain stubborn who refuse to appreciate any of the smaller acts that are around only focusing on the bands of old, it’s pretty sad really , Unless we move on and look to the future what chance has the Rock of Punk scene got? Before it totally DELETES itself .

(Delinquents) I’ve always seen it as a huge festival. I call it the Wrestlemania of the punk calendar. The granddaddy of them all.  It’s becoming much more a melting pot over the years which have been really positive. Proper diverse, all different genres and bands from ska to folk to grindcore.  A festival that can book Misty in Roots, Dr and the Medics to Extreme Noise Terror is a winner for me.

(Red Eyes)   It’s great that you get all styles playing. I like a variety of stuff so there’s always something for everybody. I always enjoy playing the Acoustic stage and have now played many acoustic gigs since that first one in 2004.

(Esperanza) No. I really enjoy the experience and the way that artists are looked after considering it’s so big. 

(Tripwire DC) Rebellion brings people from all over the world together, this is a good thing.


Q. Would you say Rebellion is the highlight of your year?

(Fire Exit) 100% definitely , we do gig all over the place but I think its fair to say It’s the best , biggest and most social gathering not just for Fire Exit but all the bands that play it.

(The Cundeez) For The Cundeez, Rebellion is without doubt the highlight of the year for us. We were over the moon to be invited to play Dublin Rebellion in 2017 and very recently Amsterdam Rebellion but Blackpool is Blackpool – buzzing for it!

(The Eddies) It’s certainly one of them.

(4 Past Midnight) is a great festival but there are always other things in life that become your highlight of the year .

(Delinquents) Yes, definitely. You are lying if it isn’t.

(Red Eyes)   Definitely the best weekend of the year!

(Esperanza) Definitely, there is so much going, bands, stalls, fringe and a large gathering of great, friendly people.

(Tripwire DC) Yes


Q. Are you planning anything special for Rebellion? Perhaps a single, EP, or album launch?

(Fire Exit) No not this year we did last year our 40 year celebrations we released 2 cds > Fire Exit – 40 years 40 track double cd. Only £10. And we also recorded & released our Fire Exit live at The Wild at Heart (Berlin) Live cd.£9. and we gave away a Firecaster Guitar.

(The Cundeez) The Cundeez are presently working on a fifth album but unfortunately it won’t be ready in time for Blackpool. Look out also, for an Acoustic album coming soon. The Almost Acoustic Stage with John ‘Huggy’ Hughes is tremendous. You get to hear bands stripped back and usually some good banter.

(The Eddies) We’re feverishly working away on a new EP showcasing 5 new songs which we’re aiming to have ready for Rebellion

(4 Past Midnight) We have nothing new to release , We have a new vinyl ep coming out in September …Our plans for the festival that is rebellious is simple …Come …Perform , Make it a spectacular , And above all …DELETE ALL THE NON BELIEVERS !!!…We Are The Reinvention Brilliance ..We are the DELETION ERA!!

(Delinquents) If all goes to plan we will be dropping a brand new song called ‘Sober On Sunday’ as a digital single with a music video the week of Rebellion. That’s if it all goes to plan of course. We released our debut ‘About Last Night’ last September but had promo copies for Rebellion which ended up selling out of on the day.

(Red Eyes)   We’ll be playing the majority of songs from our new album “Man & Boy”.

(Esperanza) No

(Tripwire DC) Possibly special T shirts


Q. Out with the main Winter Gardens, do you go to any other venues?

(Fire Exit) I visit all the stages over the 4 days also Art / and acoustic stages. (which we also Play). 

(The Cundeez) The only venue we go to outwith the Winter Gardens is Weatherspoon’s Pub fir cheap swally!

(The Eddies) Yeah. There’s usually a lot of great gigs on around Blackpool across the weekend which gives you the chance to see other bands outwith the festival itself, or another chance to some who are but you maybe missed before.

(4 Past Midnight) We are playing an after show at the Tache rock club on the Saturday Night 1am , A warm up as it were for the final and Ultimate DELETION!!  I also plan to go see a friends band  The Rock That Combats ..Clash Tribute on the Saturday evening 6pm I think

(Delinquents) Rose and Crown/Scruffy Murphy’s but just for the beer! Sorry Winter Gardens but the beer sucks.

(Red Eyes) If I can last the pace maybe an aftershow at the Tache….that’s always a great way to end the night. 

(Esperanza) Rose and Crown but I like to stay at the main festival because there’s so much going on.

(Tripwire DC) sometimes watch bands playing in other venues/pubs


Q. When do you play Rebellion this year? 

(Fire Exit) on Thursday Fire Exit play our main set in The Arena stage at 8.20pm and the on Friday Fire Exit  play a Punkoostic set on the Almost Acoustic stage at 4.55. 

(The Cundeez) We play Rebellion ‘Casbah Stage’ Thursday 2nd August 5.45pm this year.

(The Eddies) Day 1, Thursday, Arena stage, 1.30.  

(4 Past Midnight) Sunday August 5th ..Arena Stage 6.55pmm

(Delinquents) 4.15 Pavilion Stage on Thursday.

(Red Eyes)   We’re playing the Pavilion on the Thursday 9.45pm – 10.30pm.

(Esperanza) Friday night at 12.30am. Late night ska party!

(Tripwire DC) We play on Saturday  Introducing Stage 17:45 – 18:15


Q. Why should anyone come see your band, in a nut shell?

(Fire Exit) It’s a PARTY and it would be rude not to. We have a great line up and just want to spread the word that hey we can play we can have fun and you can leave your worries at the door and forget the outside world. Came and have Fun

(The Cundeez) The Cundeez bring something a little bit different with a mixture of hard punk, Ska, bagpipes and bundles of laughter and smiles. Thank you Raymond for the interview and special thanks to Darren, Jennie, Jonny and the whole Rebellion family for havin us.

(The Eddies) We’ll give you 30 mins of classic high octane Punk rock delivered with passion and pride, plus…..we don’t get to play Blackpool all that often, you’d be daft to miss us.


(Delinquents) We are a glorious mess. We’ll see you there.

(Red Eyes)   If old skool 70’s punk is your thing with top tunes and sing-along choruses then we’re the band for you! Check us out on our facebook page and our bandcamp….Cheers!

(Esperanza) We are an energetic 9 piece ska band and will put a smile on your face and make you tap your toes (at the minimum). True ska and all original material. If you don’t believe us ask Bad Manners, Steve Ignorant, Bar Stool Preachers or The Beat! Basically, come see us, dance and party!

(Tripwire DC) Tripwire DC are a Reggae  Rock Ska Punk band, we put our own individual style on these, whether we are playing in front of 5, 50 or 500 we always do our utmost to entertain


Massive thanks to Gerry Attrik (Fire Exit), Gary Robertson (The Cundeez), Ian Sherriff (The Eddies), Peter McCartney (4 Past Midnight), David Hennessey (Delinquents), Alan Bishop (The Red Eyes), Jess E Ska (Esperanza) and Rich McGlashan (Tripwire DC) for taking the time to answer these questions. Hope they have a great festival and please, show them your support by checking them out at Rebellion

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