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Remmington Pearce – Be genuine and have fun!

‘The world always needs more music and art’

– Remmington Pearce 2018.
Oh man, I can’t remember when I didn’t think about being a musician, to be honest. I think I always just sort of had this drive that I wanted to be a ‘rockstar’ in some way, even before I had chosen an instrument. I remember getting into punk pretty early, I was already this little ragged skater tomboy kid, and that just made everything even stronger. Then I picked up instruments and started playing constantly. Somewhere along the line I stopped believing in having a backup plan, and just decided I was going to play music no matter what it meant. Its worked out for me so far. You just have to always keep the dream alive and keep playing – no matter what keep playing. The world ALWAYS needs more music and more art.

Choosing to play the bass (but drums came first)..


I actually chose the drums when I first got into instruments. I was in choir programs and classically trained for singing, but I really wanted to get into rock n roll. And my first choice was drums, although I lived in a multi unit condo high-rise with my mother, so drums were probably the worst and most impossible choice for me. I ended up watching a camp counsellor play his bass guitar one time when I was about 7 or 8, and decided that was it! I was going to be a bass player. So I went home and asked for a bass, and my mother had no idea what the difference was between bass and regular guitar, but she figured it out. And now I’ve been playing bass for nearly 20 years. After a while, I picked up guitar so I could start writing my own songs from both instruments’ sides, but I never really took guitar too seriously. Now I would say, guitar has been my favourite. There’s just something about the level of noise I can create on stage, and a little added reckless abandon while playing. It’s been my happy place.

Major influences..


This is definitely a difficult question. My influences and favorite music is pretty much across the board, everything from punk rock to metal, to old country, to the classics. I would probably argue that a lot of my influences were the straight forward punk rock when I was younger, but really I honed in my style by playing along with Led Zeppelin albums, or watching Dolly Parton play about 16 instruments on stage. It all came down to the energy and passion that I saw shared amongst the musicians, not so much how good they actually were. The cool thing to me is that everyone can practice and get better, but when you really feel the music, that speaks volumes and that’s what makes music so powerful.

My successes and failures..

It’s definitely been a bit of a rollercoaster up until now! I don’t know that I would call anything a failure up to this point, because it’s all brought me on to the next success and the next step. I’ve gotten to play with a ton of musicians, whether we shared the stage or a song, and that’s always been an awesome part. I’ve gotten to play shows and festivals that I could only have dreamed about before. No matter what happens going forward, I would say I’ve been extremely successful. I’ve had the best time of my life!

Funny stories..

Band dynamics get crazy! We spend countless hours and the longest stretches of days together, and they become your family- whether or not you get along everyday! The relationships you make along the way are always the best. There’s been a few other bands I’ve met on the road, and we end up playing weird games in parking lots between our tour vans, like truth or dare with a metal band where the sole purpose was to embarrass everyone or really extreme rule-breaking foosball. The most important lessons I’ve really taken from it is just to be genuine and have fun. None of the work is worth it if you’re not having fun.

Recommendations and worldly advice..

Definitely just be genuine and have fun! It’s the rules to live by in the music world. We could all choose to do much easier things if we want to make money or be famous, if you want to play, just do it because you enjoy it. And when it comes down to it, anyone can learn a skill, but losing yourself to music and connecting with other people is really what it’s all about.  The business is an important part to keep the tour life going, but it’s not the most nor the only important thing. If you just keep having fun, you can do anything. Life’s short, enjoy yourself!

Good starter instrument..

My first instrument was a Fender Squier Precision bass that came in a starter pack from Sam Ash. And it’s actually the bass I’ve used for every tour and show I’ve ever played! It was relatively inexpensive, and its managed to hold itself together all across the world. Gear can definitely make a difference in sound overall, but really it comes down to how you play. You can make anything sound good!

Currently playing..

If I’m going to play bass I would still play the Squier precision. But now that I’m a guitar player more prominently, I play an Epiphone custom Les Paul Black Beauty. I don’t really have a budget with instruments, because this one was given to me by my last band. I’ve tried playing ‘nicer’ guitars and changed out for a few shows, but honestly, I love the feel of my Les Paul so I never stuck with anything different.

Dream setup..

I’m pretty happy with my guitar now, I added in a Seymour Duncan Invader humbucker when one of my stock pickups had an issue. I play Ernie Ball cobalt strings, and I plugged into a Fender Twin Reverb Combo amp with a Bogner ecstasy pedal. I really love the sound of the fender amp, but I would be willing to check out other cabinets for upgrading. If I could pick up a Gibson custom black beauty I’d be totally willing to switch them out, but it comes down to feel for me. My gear just fits like a glove.

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