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Ray Carlisle from US punk band Teenage Bottlerocket talks music

Photography credits included in article - other images used with permission of Rebellion

When, where and why did your dream as a musician first begin?

When I was a kid, 6 years old probably, I saw an electric guitar. I was fascinated by the way the guitar looked. I wanted that guitar, and everything that came with it.

When and why did you choose the instrument you did? Did this ever change, if so why? Also do you play multiple instruments, if so which is your favourite to play and why?

I played bass for TBR when we started the band. P-Bass is the only bass. When I jumped to guitar I was all about Gibson. I got a Les Paul Junior, the Billie Joe model. IT sounded like shit, so I swapped out the pick up and it sounded pretty rad. Then I got a guitar from my friend, Jason Ingrodi. He makes guitars in Maryland. He made me my first moserite rip-off (the Raygun 1). The guitar weighed 100 lbs and it was bulit like a tank. 90 degree andgles everywhere, if you were going to play this guitar, you were going to bleed. Then Jason bulit me the Raygun 2. It’s a straight up Moserite rip off. I love it. Best guitar ever. I just had him make me the same guitar again (the raygun 3). Jason put a wolftone marshallhead pickup in the guitar.

Major influences? A specific song, band, scene, etc.…

Ramones, Pegboy, Wonk Unit, Banner Pilot, Bouncing Souls, and Sam Russo. I love how music can make you feel, it can change your day, it can change your life.

Successes and failures along the way?

Heaps. On both ends. I’d say signing to Redscare and Fat were the biggest Successes. Fat Mike called me, it was unreal. That dude has been fucking rad to us. He wears our shirt all the time, gets us on NOFX shows. It rules. Failures, well, hmmmm, which one should I pick, our plane had an engine blow up on the way to Germany from Boston. We had to turn around and have an emergency landing. It was scary as fuck. We had to cancel our first show in Wiesbaden. One of the our fans sent us an ugly message telling us we were a bunch pf poser shitheads for cancelling the show. We were all, “dude, the plane blew up”.

Any funny stories – lessons learned?

One day in the van Miguel farted and I threw up, five minutes later I farted and Miguel threw up. One big happy, smelly family.

Recommendations for those wanting to play your instrument or get into the business…

I’d say first and foremost, start a band with your friends. If they suck at what they do it doesn’t matter, everyone sucks.

Your future plans-upcoming tours, new albums, new videos, websites, etc.

Heading to Texas in a week to do some shows with our friends in MakeWar. Playing in Costa Rica in April. Back to Europe/UK in June. Stoked for the rock shows.

What was your starter instrument?

My first guitar was a Harmony electric guitar from Sears. I highly recommend it, great tone,and if you break it, you can get a new one for 25 bucks.

What you play now? Budget range?

I play a Jason Ingrodi Raygun. It set me back about 1000 dollars. It rules!

What is your dream instrument/setup and how much?

My dream instrument is the guitar I have now. Wouldn’t want to play anything else, except for maybe Chris McCaughan’s Les Paul.


Ray and Sam Fuller Griffin at Rebellion 2017

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