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Rachel Plus One goes International searching for punk rock in Reykjavik

Rachel Plus One goes international as we travel to Iceland in search of punk rock in Reykjavik. Come along and visit the Icelandic Punk Rock Museum, get a history of the scene past and present and a personal tour from local legend, Gunnthor Sigurdsson founding member of Q4U one of the first (and best!) Icelandic punk bands.

Then we’ll meet up with original Adverts drummer, expat Laurie Driver, to chat about his time in the band, the crazy days of the famous Roxy Club, recording at Abbey Road Studios and joyrides on the King’s Road.

Iceland not only has breathtaking nature and amazing people it also has some pretty excellent punk rock so come along and discover it with us. No passport required!

The Icelandic Punk Museum:


Utangarðsmenn (Outsiders) – “It’s Easy”

Q4U- “Creeps”

Q4U l- “Toys”

Fræbbblarnir- “False Death”

Utangarðsmenn- “Phanton Bitch”

The Adverts- “New Church”


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