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Rachel of The Droogettes talks Lipstick & Being in the Promised Land

The Droogettes are an all-girl 4 piece punk band out of Philadelphia, PA (USA), inspired by the classic film A Clockwork Orange.

Is this your first time playing Rebellion? If not, when have you played before?

We played the Introducing stage last year on Friday.  It was the band’s first time in the U.K. and Europe.  This year I found out we are playing the Arena stage and I was like, “Oh shit!  We are on the big kid’s stage!” 


What tips for other musicians do you have on applying to play Rebellion?

Going and being a part of it!  I know not everyone can do it, but just taking that trip over to Rebellion and being a part of the scene and culture before you just hop on the stage and pretend that you’re a rock star.  Be part of the scene that is part of you.  That’s really the greatest advice I can give.  People ask me a lot, “How did you get on Rebellion?” I tell them, “I went there for three years!”  I met and hung out with people, just immersed myself in it.  Then we got asked to submit a track for a breast cancer awareness compilation that I, unfortunately, forgot the name of.  We got asked to do that and through Mark from Headcheck Records, he connected us to Johnny Wah-Wah and it happened from there.  Basically go there and be part of the community and meet people.  Go over and see what it’s all about first.  It’s amazing how when you put yourself out there things start happening!


What is your all-time fave Rebellion performance/moment? Who/what is your dream Rebellion performance?

Oh god, this is going to be difficult!  I know last year, The Professionals blew me away and I’m really stoked they’re back again this year.  I went to see their set not knowing what to expect and kept my expectations low and it was just really fantastic.  Stiff Little Fingers, but I’ve never seen them NOT be awesome and seeing them on the outside stage a couple of years ago was amazing.  Seeing the Angelic Upstarts in a big crowd was so phenomenal that it made you wanna go out into the street and create chaos.  There have been some bands that I never thought I’d get to see like Penetration two years ago, they were really fantastic and the Ruts were amazing as well.  It’s so hard to narrow it down because it’s like a normal “day at the office” thing where every set you see is the best show you’ve seen in three months!  Oh! Sham 69 with Jimmy Pursey! 


Photo by Pat Society

What is a must-have thing (what do you always bring that you cannot leave home without?) for Rebellion? 

Every lady rocker needs a good liquid lipstick that stays on even after you get off of the stage.  I use Doll 10, Dose of Colors and Lime Crime brands.


Best hangover cure?

The breakfast that they give you at the hotel!  But NO beans.


What part of a music kit do you think every artist should bring to Rebellion?

Bring an extra tuner.  Last year my tuner crapped out right before we were going to play and I was in the ladies room with a shitty phone app tuner. Extra tuner and extra picks are never a bad idea.


What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play?

We actually have a song we just wrote about Rebellion that we are going to debut on stage during our set.  It is all about going and seeing bands and meeting people and the whole weekend experience.  We will be hoping for a little crowd participation on that one if things go well!  It’s called “Clockwork Girls.” 


Photo by Erin Rudy

What day, time and stage are you performing?

Friday, August 3rd at 10:50 pm on the Arena stage.


What are you currently working on or currently promoting

We have a new album out July 20th titled Clockwork Girls on Violated Records.  This is our full-length album that we are over the moon about.  Our next project is a split with Fatal Blow, which is the guys from the Oppressed but Paul sings instead of Roddy.  After we come home from the UK we will be in the studio recording those songs and that will come out sometime in 2019.


What is the best thing for you about Rebellion?

I’m such an Anglophile!  Since I was 14, England was the “Promised Land,” and that was all I wanted to do and go to.  It’s my teenage fantasy world in 3D real-time.  Obviously, the music is first and foremost, but the other things that go on, like last year there was a talk that Jordon gave that was fantastic, makes it all that much more special and unique.  I just love punk so much that getting to watch an in-depth interview with someone that was such a mysterious figure was phenomenal.  Things such as the Punk Art exhibition and in-depth interviews that really dive in and show you the inner parts of the scene and the people that create it is really so special to me.  The fact that you can walk around and Gaye Advert or Rat Scabies are just strolling about is really just a dream.  I often pinch myself and ask, “Did I really just have a chat with this person that I’ve been listening to their records since I was 14?”  You kind of can’t believe it’s a real thing.  It’s like a dream and everybody is really down to earth and accessible.  The massiveness of it and the way it runs so smoothly is unbelievable.  Everyone is so chill.  You go to smaller shows at home and there are stupid fights and that kind of behaviour just doesn’t happen at Rebellion.  I’ve never NOT been able to watch a band I’ve wanted to see.  It’s controlled with clockwork precision.  I don’t know what voodoo magic they do, but bravo!  I’ve never done something that massive, but I do know a little bit about how those things are put together and it’s truly fucking amazing that they pull it off so flawlessly and year after year. I’m very grateful for it because no matter what has gone on in my life during the year, I know that magical first week of August is going to come.  It’s seriously like my Christmas.


What do you think could be improved for your Rebellion experience? 

More energy?  I don’t think that’s possible.  More dark fruit cider stands everywhere!

Photo by Sara Vasey


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  • Brilliant interview, really fired me up and made me even more ready for my first Rebellion…see you there Rachel

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