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Rachel Hoeflich talks about her early punk influences and just how she gets her hair that bright.

Anyone who has seen the Droogettes play live can’t have helped but notice their Amazonian bass player Rachel Hoeflich.  The neon hair and tallness make her hard to miss.  Here she talks to Gary Trueman about first getting into an alternative look and just how she manages to get her locks that bright.


You have a very vibrant look.  When you were younger when did you first start getting in to colouring your hair and dressing more alternative?

“It all started for me in the 8th grade when I discovered the Sex Pistols and then it was sort of down the rabbit hole. One of the first punk girls I discovered was Siouxsie Sioux and I had a poster of her up on my wall and I tried to emulate her make up and failed 98% of the time. Deborah Harry was another, the Slits, they had such fun with their looks and it was such a ramshackle punk adventure that I realised I didn’t have to have all this fancy stuff and that I could make my own look.  That was really inspiring.”

What about today, is there anyone today you see and think they have a really cool image?

“Definitely Beki Bondage, her look never gets old and she always stays exciting.  Some of the pop stars I enjoy their look but not so much their music.  Lady Gaga is fun and she always changes it up.”

Specifically talking about you now and starting with make up.  What brands do you use and do you stick with the same brands and are there any you won’t touch for any reason?

“I’m not loyal to any brand, I just pick my favourites of everything. When I first started playing with make up, there are so many more colours and formulas and textures now than there was so it’s really a bit of a playground.  Brands that I love, Doltan is great, Dose Of Colours, Kat Von D, Lime Crime are just some of the great products out there now.  When I first started playing gigs you’d wear your lip stick and end up looking like Courtney Love with it all over your face.  Now with these amazing lip stick formulas I can make out with the microphone on stage and my lips will look perfect.  And you can put some glitter on top of it and nothing budges.  It’s nice to have all that now.”

So many people cite Kat Von D.

“Her colours and shades are amazing and a lot of it is that she is part of the scene. She had a blush called Sid And Nancy and an eye shadow named after Lemmy.  It’s not like other brands where they use it as a marketing tool, you can tell she goes home and listens to the records.  I think that makes a big difference when someone is putting a product together that it comes from their heart instead of it all being about what’s cool and trendy this year.”

And now the big question, how do you get your hair so damn bright?  It’s like neon bright.

“Well if I’m good with make up I’m terrible with hair so for this I owe all the credit to my hair dresser.  She uses a dye brand called Pulp Riot which makes some crazy bright over the top colours that stay and stay and stay.  With hair I’m just like a dog that needs to be groomed, I’m terrible with it.  It’s a pretty new line from Pulp Riot and it pretty much blew everything else out of the water.  The green that’s in my hair is called Area 51 after the alien area in Arizona and it captures the name really well.”

What products do you use on it to keep it in good condition?

“I actually use a colour depositing shampoo that’s called Celeb Luxury and those shampoos put as much colour in as if you’re going to the hair dresser, so they’re amazing.  They don’t stain or get on your pillow or any of those horrible things that old hair dyes used to do.  They have a highlighter yellow that I’ll shampoo with.”

Where do you get your stage and everyday clothes from?

“I get things a little bit from everywhere.  There’s a shop near where I live called Thirteen Vintage that has some really cool pieces in.  I go to Forever 21 too and if you really dig there you can find some amazing pieces.  It’s a mix of high and low and spending your money on a few really cool pieces and changing it up with a few other things.”

Are you a big boots and shoes person or do you just have a couple of pairs?

“I have too many boots and shoes.  Creepers I love and I’m a big fan of Doc Martens with heels that can out five or six years ago.  They’re comfortable and you get some sexy heel action so it’s the best of both worlds.  I have so many super high heels that are set for sitting in a bar and drinking but I don’t wear them much.”

If someone was going to make a film of the Droogettes who would you want to play you?

“I get told I look like Cyndi Lauper sometimes, I wouldn’t mind that but I don’t know if she’d really be up for it. Cyndi Lauper is a tall giraffe so that might work because I’m always the tallest one by about a foot in my band.”

If you were stranded on a desert island and had everything you needed to survive what three vanity items would you have to have?

“OK so sunscreen, 50 or higher, that’s essential.  A good eye cream because taking care of your face is important.  And probably a good brow pencil because you need brows.  I’m going to add a fourth and have my sunglasses too.”

Snaps and chats by Gary Trueman




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