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Road to Rebellion – Aerial Salad

Aerial Salad – self-described as ‘Manchester’s punk rock sad boys’ – have a party-punk sound which packs a solid punch. Having come across their ‘Leave Me Alone‘ video a few months back, I urge you to catch them this summer as they embark on a European/UK tour which culminates with a Thursday slot at this year’s Rebellion Festival. Fresh, pop-punk with an attitude – they are up and coming favourites on the scene and are not to be missed!

Where does the name Aerial Salad come from?

The name is ripped off our mate Boothy from when we were 14. His dad came in the room one day and said “I used to be in a band called Aerial Salad when I was your age” and we stuck with it. Sorry it doesn’t have a deeper meaning.

Your first album ‘Roach’ sounds like you draw on predominately ’90s bands as influences i.e. early Green Day. Is this what the crowd should be prepared for at Rebellion? 

Yeah, I’m mega into ’90s punk.  Jawbreaker, Pinkerton era Weezer, Kerplunk era Green Day… There’s a lot of The Stone Roses in my song-writing too.  I know they’re not very punk, but they did play Empress Ballroom once!

I think Thursday [of the Rebellion Festival] is a cool day for us to play. There’s loads of bands that I look at and think “if people like them they may like us”. If you’re a fan of that ’90s Fat Wreck sound then we’ll be probably be to your fancy.

It’s hard to really say what someone may or may not like. Expect three hot, young sexy people playing some super sad songs!

What’s your best festival memory?

Best festival memory: Milo from The Descendents putting the mic in my face to sing the chorus of ‘Thank You’ during their Rebellion set a few years back. I cried for about 5 days straight.  It was life-changing.

What other bands at Rebellion Festival are you looking forward to seeing?

Looking forward to seeing: Wonk Unit, The Murderburgers, The Menstrual Cramps, Lagwagon, Idles, and The Raging Nathans.

Aerial Salad hasn’t been around all that long (2016) and you’ve already played some pretty enviable gigs.   Is this a reflection of your live performance?  How do you set yourself apart from some of the other punk bands playing at the moment? What advice would you give another band trying to get out there?

Short answer, no. We were really shit for ages but people just kept taking chances on us which we are endlessly grateful for. Johnny Wah Wah gave us an amazing opportunity last year by having us open the Friday and we’re keen to repay that with this year’s set. We’ve been touring and gigging a lot, really working hard on being a good live band and getting tight. We had a small line-up change which has given some fucking raw new life into us. I feel a lot more confident now that we’re tight and we’re absolutely loving it at the moment.

I think something that makes us different is we’re just young aren’t we? We’re 20-22 years old and we’re literally living the dream. We’re thankful and kind and appreciate everything people like Rebellion have done for us. I don’t wanna sound like a dick but I actually can’t wait to play in front of people that have seen us  back when we were shit and make them go; “Wow! These little shits have been practising!”

I’m in no position to give advice to bands really. All I’ll say is be real.  People like it when you’re real. If you try and play in a DIY band for any other reason than the pure love for it you’re gonna get fucking crucified. There ain’t no fucking money, glitz or glamour.  What there is are loads of little moments that make you go “it’s all worth it” – because it is all worth it. 

We’re about to play our second Rebellion Festival which ends a European tour we’re doing with a band that I love.  Fuck, I’ll sleep on all the floors and piss in as many bottles as I need to keep doing this forever. If you love it and respect it, success will come. If you’re an absolute dick to everyone or you try and play some persona other than just being yourself then there’s no point (unless your whole point is that you’re playing a character that’s obviously entirely different).

What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play?

A song the audience can’t miss us play? Jesus, erm, I don’t really know how to answer that… ‘Habits and Problems’ is a fun sing along.

As Rebellion Festival is the last date of your current tour – what’s next for Aerial Salad?

What’s next for us? Not a clue. We’re gonna re-press Roach on vinyl and we’ve got some more tours in the works. We’ll just try and get out and tour as much as we can really. Keep writing and keep it real.

Aerial Salad will be playing the Pavilion Stage at Rebellion Festival Blackpool on Thursday 2nd August at 3.25pm – don’t miss them! Tickets available here.

Buy Roach here and check out the band’s Facebook here to hear the latest. 

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