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Panther Studios and The Weirds Things share their top tips about record production

Panther studios, The Weird Things and The Punk Lounge teamed up to give you 5 Top Tips on producing and releasing your record into today’s competitive market!

1. Rehearse, rehearse and then rehearse some more!  

It cannot be stressed enough do not use potentially expensive time in the recording studio to practice your tracks.  Make sure recording time is used to the max and everyone can play those tracks in their sleep!  Rehearsal studios are very cheap and should be the place where you iron out all those creases pre-recording time.  

2. Find a studio that suits your needs!

Shop around for a good recording studio.  Get recommendations and compare what you get for your money as each recording studio will offer different things.  Some will have more kit than others, some will have an engineer and a producer so on.  So shop around! 

Also make sure you are going to a studio that deals with your genre of music as you are more likely to get great advice, experience and a helping hand if you get stuck.  

3. There is a difference between a sound engineer and a record producer, including cost! 

Depending upon your budget will depend upon whether you just go with the all-inclusive engineer in the studio or you invest those extra few pounds in bringing in the top gun.  Now this is by no means necessary but a good producer, which you will check out and chat with pre-recording, could take your record to the next level.  Again check the producer understands your end goal and vibes with your jam before booking their services.  

4. Check your market and don’t order what you can’t sell! 

Do not over order, check production costs of each of your chosen mediums and find out the minimum production numbers and costs of each.  Do not forget you need to include the cost of artwork and sleeves for your cds, vinyl etc..  In a DIY market like punk most people have a wonderfully artistic friend who might do you some nice artwork in return for a couple of pints! 

5. During all this time get on your social media and promote!  Everywhere! 

You have social media for a reason… In a market that is so saturated with artists and wonderful musicians you need to stand out.  No one is going to find your needle in their haystack if you don’t paint it neon green and attach it to a bloody loud-speaker.  USE the tools at your disposal and get yourself all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube!  Don’t be afraid to pre-release a FREE digital download track as a taster.  Send it everywhere including publications like this one.  Build a press pack and get yourself noticed.

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