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ONE FAMILY. ONE FLAG: Pirates Press Records’ 200th release

The punk scene may be smaller than other genres, but it is mighty.  Thanks to hard working people behind the scenes supporting our beloved bands, it continues to grow steadily.  One company that is doing everything that it possibly can to get music in the hands of the fans is Pirates Press Records.  Chances are, if you look through your vinyl collection, you have a Pirates Press Records release or two (or hundreds!).

They’ve released albums for an extraordinary number of bands we love.  The Pirates Press family include artists such as Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Roadside Bombs, Street Dogs, Off With Their Heads, Rancid, The Interrupters, Evil Conduct, Lion’s Law, Suede Razors, NOI!SE, This Means War, 45 Adapters, Territories, The Old Firm Casuals, and so many more.

For their 200th release, Pirates Press wanted to release something special.  A release that would celebrate all of their accomplishments as both a label and as a manufacturing company since they first started out 13 years ago.  In true Pirates’ fashion, they knocked it out of the park with ONE FAMILY. ONE FLAG.

This 4-disc, 34 song compilation features one song from 34 bands they have done releases for is nothing short of amazing.  You can tell that the Pirates spent a good deal of time and took the selections for this compilation very seriously.  As stand-alone songs, they are some of my favourites from these artists (even though they might not be their most recognized ‘hits’).  When put together on one album, they are taken to a whole new level.  Each song ‘fits’ perfectly, each as deserving of a spot as the next. 

They mix the bigger named bands – like Cocksparrer, Street Dogs, Rancid, and the Interrupters with some of the less-known bands like Territories, Smalltown, and Sydney Ducks.  It represents artists from all over the planet, proving without a doubt that music – especially our scene – is very much alive and well.  With companies like Pirates Press Records out there supporting local scenes globally, it will continue to grow and be a part of lives for generations to come.


You can pick up ONE FAMILY. ONE FLAG tomorrow (Friday, November 23rd). 

It will no doubt be one of your go-to albums to listen to. 

Artists on “One Family, One Flag” include: 

• Rancid 
• Cock Sparrer 
• Noi!se 
• Tim Timebomb 
• The Interrupters 
• Detournement 
• The Downtown Struts 
• Argy Bargy 
• Booze & Glory 
• Bishops Green 
• Reducers SF 
• The Complicators 
• The Struggle 
• Smalltown 
• Suede Razors 
• Roadside Bombs 
• The Re-Volts 
• The Ratchets 
• 45 Adapters 
• Off With Their Heads 
• Bum City Saints 
• The Bar Stool Preachers 
• Territories 
• Street Dogs 
• This Means War! 
• Lion’s Law 
• The Workin’ Stiffs 
• Kicker 
• Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One 
• Harrington Saints 
• Sydney Ducks 
• Evil Conduct 
• Bombshell Rocks 
• The Old Firm Casuals

On top of the music, the album itself is incredible.  Each sleeve is embossed with the PPR logo and the B side of the fourth album has an incredible screen of all the band logos.  There was so much thought put into this release.  You can tell that everyone at Pirates Press Records takes pride in what they do and just love the music they are putting out there in the hands of fans all over the world.

There are also a limited number of test pressing packages available on the Pirates Press webstore (limited to 1 per customer). The package includes: 

  • A standard “One Family, One Flag” set 
  • A complete set of “One Family, One Flag” test pressings 
  • “One Family, One Flag” t-shirt 
  • “One Family, One Flag” lapel pin

The proceeds from the test pressing package go to benefit 924 Gilman St in Berkeley, California; An All Ages DIY, Volunteer Run, 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, Music & Art Community Space Since 1986. 

So do yourself a favour – go and pick up a copy of this album.  It is incredible and without a doubt, you will love this album as much as I do.

Feeling generous this holiday season?  You can also donate to 924 Gilman St directly through PayPal by going to GILMAN ST. PAYPAL DONATIONS.



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