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Once Upon A Fiend By Ratfink and Pete McKenna – Book Review

Although some followers of the Punk scene may not have heard of Ratfink, most will at least know or have heard of some of his work. Once Upon A Fiend tells the story of how a dream can become a reality, how barely out of school, a young Rat was whisked away and given the chance of a lifetime to play for his favourite band, to record and perform live with the people he loved the most. From his quiet upbringing on England’s Northwest Coast to meeting his own hero, Alice Cooper. Ratfink was a young Alien Sex Fiend fan called in to take over when Johnny Ha-ha left the band. For eight years he played and toured with The Fiends throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Japan.

Very brief, 104 pages including many photos, much of the history of Alien Sex Fiend is described in an easy to read format, it’s as if his diary has been lifted and interspersed with relaxed conversation. The rise and fall, the up’s and the down’s, mapped out amongst the Band’s itinerary through the late 1980’s to 1990’s.

Alien Sex Fiend has been revived a few times since their heyday, and Ratfink moved on to pastures new, Uncle Fester, UFX, and most recently Vince Ripper And The Rodent Show. Once Upon A Fiend is a window into a sadly expired past, when anything was possible if you wanted it enough.

Easy Reading, informative, and if you can get hold of a copy, highly recommended.

Published in 2000 by Noir Publishing

You can purchase this book via the link below:

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