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Natalie Thornton from Headstone Horrors, talks makeup and hair

Fronting horror punks the Headstone Horrors Nat Thornton in many ways represents how the more traditional punk look has kept pace with time.  She rocks a mohawk, is quite happy to turn her hand to customising clothing and has none of the rock star vanity you often find in music.  Gary Trueman chatted to this very twenty first century girl about her look, her tattoos and what she couldn’t do without on a desert island.

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What are your first memories of experimenting with a more alternative look?

“I can’t remember where or who I saw it on but I saw a lady with super bright red hair and thought that it was really cool and that’s what I want.  I guess I was about 12 when I started doing black flicks from my eyes.  Just two lines of eyeliner, I didn’t know what I was doing, and I still don’t.  It kind of developed and got heavier.”

What about the punk look?

“The same time really, it was all the same thing.”

Was there any people you saw back then who had a look you liked and thought that’s for me?

“I think when The Distillers came out, always Brody.  And my sister was big into punk so I’m influenced by her as well.”

Is there anybody around now that you think has a really cool look?

“I always think that Beki from Vice Squad looks amazing.  I like the fact that they reinvent themselves every now and then.”

Let’s discuss make up.  What products do you use?  Are you someone that buys anything or do you stick to certain brands?

“I have a lot of Rimmel stuff and a lot of pound shop and the cheapest thing I can afford on Ebay.  Anything that is black eyeliner or very pale, that about does me.”

Is there a favourite item that you keep coming back to?

“Always the eyeliner.  I don’t know if that’s because I started off with it but I’ve got to have eyeliner.”

Hair wise you have a very prominent mohawk.  What products do you use to spike and colour it?

“Just hair spray and a hair dryer for spiking.  Then I use all sorts of different dyes, a lot of Directions.  Pravana is another good one.  For the shoot I put in Voodoo green by Paintglow.”

So with bleaching do you get that done regularly, and just do the roots? And what about maintenance?

“Just the roots as and when.  If I want to change colour I sometimes try to strip some of it out with bleach and try not to break it all off.  I use any shampoo and conditioner with argan oil or coconut oil.  Any deep moisture oil based product.  That’s something I’ve learned in the last year after it got really broken. “

Do you wear your hair spiked much off stage or just pin your hair back normally?

“Years ago I wouldn’t leave the house until it was spiked and then I think I just got tired of doing it and started clipping it back.  I got sick of getting caught in the rain and it falling down.  Sometimes I’ll brush it to the side or stick it in a pony tail.”

Where do you source your clothes from.  Stage outfits and everyday wear? Are you a high street girl or do you go for charity shops or band stuff?

“We swap a lot of merch and buy t-shirts at gigs too, that’s where most of it comes from.  Ebay too.  A lot of stuff I’ve had for years and will customise if it still fits.”

You’re not frightened to take a pair of scissors to something then?

“No, not at all.”

What about boots and shoes?

“I do have a lot of shoes but I only really wear about three pairs of them.  Then I break and replace them with another pair similar and everything else sits in a wardrobe.”

You’re quite heavily tattooed and you have a big back piece which covered another back piece.  What do you think are your best and worst tattoos?

“I think my worst one is probably the first one I had done.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  It’s just that I was 18 and perhaps wouldn’t pick that now.   I have two swallows on my stomach and they’re my favourites, and my back piece now that’s done.”

You have a really cool look but who would play you in a film?

“Haha, I read this in another Punk Lounge interview and all I could think of was Jack Black and I never got past it so I’ll stick with Jack Black.”

We’ve changed the last question so if you’ve been reading up, tough.  If you got stack on a desert island and you had all the normal stuff to survive what would be the three vanity items that you would want?

“ Haha, I think I’d have to have some clippers.  Make up if I’m not on my own.  And pyjamas and we can just slob it on the beach.”

Chats and snaps by Gary Trueman




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