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Are we in 2018? No, we came back to the ‘80s thanks to the Finnish post-punk band Musta Paraati. After 34 years they’re returned with their new album “Black Parade”.This is their first album in English. They are one of the most important post-punk band in Finland before they formed Musta Paraati the members played in different bands such as Russian Love, Two Witches, and the 69 eyes. Keywords of this band are Upbeat sound and old punk and dark attitude.


Jirki: vocalist (the original vocalist was Jore but he passed away in 1993)
Panda (bass)
Saku (guitar)
Ykä( drum)

At first, the idea was to record two songs, but at the end, they recorded a full album.

1. Animosity
2. Nacht Der Untoten
3. The Leader
4. Aujourd’hui
5. Chopsticks
6. The Race Is On
7. Radio
8. Digital Twin
9. Reaper
10. Today
11. If I Die Tomorrow

This is an album which can be appreciated especially by the fans of Killing Joke, Him or Theatre of Hate because of the atmosphere of the dark desolation, a hybrid among post-punk, new wave and gothic rock. Mechanical sounds and a distorted electronic music are the main features of this album. The voice is deep and distressed and the lyrics are mostly funereal and create an atmosphere of desolation described with very mechanical guitar riffs of the gothic genre. The dead, the night and the dark are very important topics in their album especially in these three songs: “The Reaper”, “If I die tomorrow” and The Nacht der Untoten”. The desolation is in the town, the people are like “undead” and the shade of goth are accompanied by heavies influences and the hell is on the earth.
The melancholy is present everywhere. “Where everybody’s sleeping Reaper is coming to town and everybody is dreaming he is looking around”.
“Animosity” is the right track to start the album, simple and energized lyrics with the central message ”you feel animosity”, this is the tone given to the album.
“How many souls do you wanna burn and set on fire? Babe, j’ai besoin de toi”, the French refrain of “Aujourd’hui” underlines the melancholy passion between two souls. It’s a song that conducts to think about fallen loves and fallen memories. It creates a surreal atmosphere of nostalgia.
“The race is on….” focuses on the meaning of life, the death, and the survival. The race is on, the race has started and “what do you kill for peace?”. This is a mission that calls and what will do you do to survive?
The Leader anticipates us the end of the world and an apocalypse future, here Jirki, the singer, wears clothing of a Prophet.
Musta Paraati is a state of mind, a simple statement that describes all that surrounds us: darkness, apocalyptic scenery, destruction, and loneliness. These elements come alive thanks to the “violence” of the pure different levels of the industrial noise, an incessant drum sound, simple melodies and the mature voice of Jirki.
All are perfect to create the right climate of an imminent drama.
You have to take time and listen to “Black Parade” two or three times and after that, you will be on another planet, another world, another parallel reality where you can free the darkest side of your soul.

The album cover for ‘Black Parade’ features photography by Stefan Bremer, the same photographer whose image features on the band’s debut album, taken at exactly the same location.
As of October 19, ‘Black Parade’ will be available from online stores and streaming platforms, such as Spotify. It can already be pre-ordered digitally via Bandcamp and on both CD and vinyl via Cleopatra Records. This Musta Paraati vinyl is a limited edition purple vinyl pressing. This album will be supported with a full-scale international tour starting in November.

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