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Mums in fancy knickers

All bodies are beautiful. We’ve got to start there.

They’re weird and gross and full of mucous but I’m a big fan of living in one. Once upon a time, I made babies so now my bones are broader and I’ve got stretch marks up past my belly button. They bugged the fuck out of me to start but they’ve been around 8 and a half years and I’m kind of used to them. I like the shape the lines make.


Now, there’s this weird thing that sometimes happens where women want me to take photos of them in their knickers. I don’t suggest that they faff about in basically no clothes but that’s what they do. It’s amazing how when they imagine themselves as art, they often think of themselves as naked. 

What generally happens at this stage is that your genuinely gorgeous elegantly disrobed mate points at the bits they can’t stand. The one that makes me saddest is not liking baby tummies. They’re such an ordinary part of how women look but mainstream media is in complete denial. Nipples are so taboo we’re scared to feed babies.

We cannot continue with this situation where blokes are growing up on milf porn while women sadly jab at their wobbly wombs.

These photos are because there should be more like them. Our ideas of what women should be and mothers should look like are so disconnected from actual lives. Our media needs to reflect actual people instead of photoshopped cartoons.

Humans grow and change and bodies are different all the way through life. I love showing people how stunning the body they’re living in truly is. I like making the bits they poked at their favourite bit of the photo. We need to quit worrying about things that aren’t broken.

And that is why I love taking photos of mums in fancy knickers.

If you fancy spending more time thinking about women and art, here’s some links:

Got to give a moment to Celia Sanchez’s Devoted series. A deliciously unconventional set of mums.

Sacred Feminine: The Art of The Goddess with London Drawing Group. It’s a guided drawing tour of the British Museum 26-28th January if you fancy getting your pencil out!

Quite like this interview with Stephanie Wilson of Lemon People Collective about her photography about her ‘Emoji’ series. Bravely bright imagery.

Nasty Women Exhibition, international feminist art organised by Creative Debuts. March 8, Black and White Building, London. They will be raising money for End Violence Against Women. Rsvp essential.

One year of Resistance exhibit: The Untitled Space, New York focuses on Trump in support of the Women’s March. It’s on display until Feb 4th.

Also, this list of utterly superb female photographers from around the world if you fancy a rabbit hole of stunning work.

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