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Monkish album is big and it’s clever!

Monkish have tags on there band camp that says, cabaret, fun comedy, punk, London.  Don’t let this put you off if you like your punk rock further than a pathitique sound. The Macc lads, Jilted John, this isn’t. This is big and it’s clever. The music is tight. Yes it is fun and the message is ‘get this joke or fuck off’.  Their second full length release “Quorn is murder” tells you this by the title.

The album was recorded by Dick Crippen of Tenpole Tudor and King Kurt at Panther Studios, Reigate. Opening track “Meat me at the Top”, is a taster of things to come. A great track in that punk cabaret theme tradition. The next track is punk rock to the core. “Cup of cold Sick” relates to playing to a dead crowd and has a chorus that says exactly as it is. Hard to listen to at times but makes you smile, think and laugh out loud, (to use a current buzz word). And buzz this CD does with the next three tracks that are on offer.

“There is a cunt that never goes out” …”Freddo’s revenge” and “Diabetic lover” are all fast paced with great riffs and changes. It is at this point you start to get the album with the track “OCD”.  Morrissey should get his own title somewhere here. Then as if it couldn’t get any better with “Toilet Nazi”.  This track is tremendous and should be their anthem, t-shirt logo and must sing a long tune of any future set. Some of the music on this CD is sublime and I want to say it soars high then hits you with a great big belly laugh.  The reality is you start listening to this album and have no real indication just how good a CD “quorn” is going to be.  It leaves you in a place between fun and frustration about how shit our society is. Of course this is just my point of view and the bands. Good album tracks all the way to the end.  This album is a statement from many a hard working punk band, don’t take yourself too seriously. Which leads to the track “Hobosexual” suffice to say, if a more popular band had written this we would all laugh and say it’s just fun but I am not sure whether the punk police will agree. Despite the controversy this title may cause the song is a great tune, but being honest with the whole tone of this album they do not appear to be a band that would care if anyone did have something to say.  “Half a Ruddles”, finishes off this great CD on a high note for me. Monkish sound like they belong in the punk genre they are in but have managed not to be like any of the other bands or counterparts currently out there on the scene, well for the majority of the time and that’s all credit to formidable musicianship and different vocals to the norm.

This is an album you should listen to very carefully and laugh out loud as much you can. And if life is getting all too serious this album is one to have in your collection. You’ve been warned. 9/10.

Article written by guest author Andy Hughes.

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