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Mass Apathy: Noi!se to release charity album for gun control awareness

Mass shootings at schools, churches, clubs and concerts.  We see it on the news so often now…  each time society seems to go through the motions… heartbreak, outrage, but with each new tragedy the blow seems less devastating than the last.  It shouldn’t be like that.  Tragedies that can be avoided should make you more motivated to make a change, not more complacent and accepting of the violence.

People from all sides come out in full force.  They use the latest shooting as a chance to argue their position on gun control on social media platforms all across the world.  But still… not much has been done to address the issue.  There is a lot of talk that goes on, but not a lot of action to protect our kids.  

But American street punk band NOI!SE, out of Tacoma, Washington has decided to do more than just talk.  This Friday, November 23rd NOI!SE, along with Pirates Press Records are releasing MASS APATHY.  This is a 12″ MILLED RECORD and all proceeds go to charity. 

The record itself is a 12″ album with a ring of bullets milled out around and the single plays at 45 rpm.  While it is for a great cause, it is also a piece of art that will be a great addition to any collection.  

Furthermore, in true NOI!SE fashion, they want to make sure the voices of their fans are heard.  Rather than decide on what charity they think is best on their own, they are giving everyone the opportunity to have a say in which charities receive the funding from the album. Pick up a copy of MASS APATHY and head over to .  Now is your chance to do something to help better the world for our children.  Pick up a copy of this album… let your voice be heard and nominate your charity.  Together, music fans – especially those of us in the punk scene – can affect change!


** NOTE: The charity of choice must be a registered 501(c)(3), dedicated to making children’s lives safer, Ideally tied into the current issue of gun violence at schools in America. A single winner will not be chosen, as the votes will be tallied and the accumulated profit on the whole project will split up and be donated in the percentages of the highest five vote-getters. The five winning charities will be announced on December 7th.

Pirates Press Records and Noi!se do not specifically endorse any particular charity and will not be promoting one charity over another. This program has been set up to allow fans and supporters of this project to independently decide where the money will be allocated.

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