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Maid Of Ace: Revvin’ up for Rebellion

Maid Of Ace are every bit the punk-rock riot powerhouse you’ve dreamt about – no bullshit, straight-up fun that’s heavy on the attitude. No strangers to Rebellion Festival, this year’s performance promises new material and plenty of their savage back-catalog, and whether you’re familiar with Maid Of Ace or not you should just do yourself a favour this summer and go and watch them.

The Punk Lounge caught up with Ali (lead vocals and guitarist) as she prepares for the girl’s Summer UK/Europe Tour, and I suggest you keep reading so you can see what all the fuss is about…

Yes Maid of Ace! How are things? Looking forward to Blackpool?

Yo! Yes, things are good cheers! We’ve had a couple of months away from the stage, leading our ‘normal lives’ and now we’re burning our pinnies and revvin’ up for the summer tour! Is Blackpool ready FOR US?!

What’s the best thing about Rebellion for you guys?

Seeing everyone in the scene and gettin’ pissed up! All the bands and people you meet on your travels from all over the world….all in one place, it’s always pretty mental!


Anyone you’re looking forward to watching this year that you’ve not had a chance to see before?

I hope to discover some new bands of course! There’s lots of bands I wanna see again, though they are mostly friend’s bands I guess: Barstool Preachers; Grade 2; Svetlanas; Wonk Unit; The Exploited… too many to list ’em all! There’s no plans yet – no plan at Rebellion ever goes to plan – ….ya just gotta go with the flow ya know!

When are we going to see Maid Of Ace gigging with the newly reformed Distillers? How can we make that a thing? It could be a thing… 

Haha! Let’s send this one to Brody! Our CD has been in her handbag before believe it or not, so maybe there’s a chance!

‘Maid In England’ is easily one of my favourite albums. What are yours?

Aw, well that’s VERY FLATTERING! You’re earning yourself serious animal points ‘ere Sophie! Haha! Hmm…well, apart from the obvious oldies I’m gonna mention a new upcoming band – ‘Target Grrrl’ by Bratakus. Upbeat, no bullshit, chuck it on and shut the fuck up.

Any plans to release any new tracks?

Of course! Baby number 3 be brewin’! Time is always a little tight as half of the year we’re not all in the same place but we’re aiming to get it out by next year. Just waiting for the right time and place to land the beast.

Best hangover cure? 

A nice cold Michelada! ….I never knew what the fuck that was either until I married an American/ Mexican. It actually sounds gross when you try and explain what it is and I’d never be caught drinkin’ one in England BUT it’s beer with tomato/clam juice, a slice of lime and what I like to call ‘Mexican Sprinkles’. SORTEDD! Try it I dare you…


What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play?

Errr don’t be sluttin’ round with other bands during our set because you’ll only get hurt! Ha! Well, we might be droppin’ a new tune in there somewhere, so don’t miss that…there could be major fuck-ups!




Maid Of Ace will be playing Rebellion Festival on Friday 3rd August at 5.25pm. For more tour dates check out their website or Facebook.


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