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Lower Class Brats Staying Sane at Rebellion

The Lower Class Brats are an American punk band that formed in the mid-’90s.  Musically, they are a mashup of several styles drawing from oi, glam rock, and straight up punk all tied together with the familiar stylings and fashion of “A Clockwork Orange”.  They have released numerous full length and 7″ albums over the last 23 years and are still going strong; touring often with the LCB Army always showing their strength in numbers to support them.  The current lineup consists of : Bones: vocals/founding member | Marty Volume: guitar/founding member | Zed: guitar | Ron Conflict: Bass  | Nick Brat: Drums.  To quote the band’s bio“Be prepared if they come to your town to witness the spectacle. Consider yourself invited…. and warned.”


Bones’ Thoughts on the LCB Road to Rebellion… 


Why do you think festivals like Rebellion are important to the punk scene? 

Festivals like Rebellion happen all over the world in major countries. They are yearly meeting places for older punks and bands to reunite and see each other once again. For younger bands to get seen and a younger audience to experience the bands that they weren’t able to see because of the generation gap. 


Have you played the Rebellion festival before this year?  

No. This will be our first year and we’re VERY excited! 


Do you have any tips for success for some of the newer or lesser-known bands that want to apply for a festival like Rebellion? 

Actually, we were asked to play by the festival. So I don’t know about the application process. But advice to younger bands: keep playing what your heart tells you to.  Be brutally honest and keep your humility at the same time. Trust me, people will take notice. 


Rebellion is a four-day extravaganza.  What is one must-have item that you wouldn’t survive Rebellion without? 

Photo By Jason Cook

My sanity!! Ha!! 


Will you be attending all four days of the festival or will you just be there for the day of your set? 

Actually, just three. We will be getting in on Friday afternoon and leaving on Monday morning. I didn’t want to come all that way just for our day. This being my first time attending, I want to experience it as much as I can. 


What bands are you currently listening to right now in your downtime? 

At this moment on my turntable is The Cramps – Songs the Lord Taught Us. Before that was a Glam-O-Rama comp., Madness, Saccharine Trust, No Tag and KISS. I listen to all sorts of stuff. Music is God. 


What band(s) playing at Rebellion this year are you most looking forward to seeing? 

So many!! PiL of course!! Off the top of my head: The Macc Lads, The Last Resort, 999, Grade 2, Charge 69, Michael Monroe and The Defects. Just to name a few. 


If you could pick one performer/band as your ultimate/dream performance to see at Rebellion, who would it be? 

Slade. Hands down. 


There is always a lot of drinking to be had at these events…  what is your miracle hangover cure?  If anyone in the band is sober, what food or drink is an absolute must-have to make it through the entire 4 days? 

We all know, there’s no miracle hangover cure. Staying drunk would probably be your best bet.  Yes, we have people in the band that do not partake in the party favors, but love to enjoy the party. I am just praying for a cheap coffee shop close, energy drinks and fast food. 


Are you planning on anything special to be released for Rebellion (single/ep/merch)? What are you currently promoting? 

We just finished up a co-release with our label, Orphan Records Group and Randale Records from Germany. It’s the European release of our Primary Reinforcement Plus LP. It contains our first six 7”s from 1995 to 1999 and will be available for those who didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on post ordering it from the US. Plus, we will have t-shirts, badges, patches, etc. 


Any last thoughts you’d like to leave us with? 

Just remember, 9:15 PM, Club Casbah Stage on Saturday!! Don’t be late!! See ya in the funny papers… 


Want More of the Brats???

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and all your favourite music streaming sites like YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music

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