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Leftovers • See You Down the Front (Album Review)


 LeftoversArtist: Leftovers

Album: See You Down the Front

Label: Unknown/DIY

Released: June 6, 2018


This has been my summer of ska, so when asked to review this album by Leftovers (out of Stafford, UK) I was feeling pretty okay about it.  On their Bandcamp page, the album See You Down the Front is tagged as ska/punk/riot grrrl… none of which they really seem to fit into.  That being said, music is not about fitting into or sticking to a certain style. 

However, See You Down the Front was difficult for me to get in to.  It did not have a ‘punk vibe’ to it and it’s missing is the soul influence you find in that true ska/reggae sound.  While I would say ‘ska’ is the still the best genre/label for this band, it feels as if Leftovers haven’t quite found their groove yet.

For me, this album just lacked that spark you look for when you listen to a really good ska band.  Each song sounds very similar and with half of the tracks clocking in over 3 minutes, they begin to roll into one another and leaves you thinking “this is the longest song ever written”.  

“God Save the UK” was the one song I had hope for when looking at the track list.   With a runtime of 1:45 I thought it would be the one punk-ish song on the album.  The tempo was indeed faster than the rest of the tracks which was nice to break up the monotony.  It made the song stand out from the other 11… but that was really the only redeeming quality.  Unfortunately, there is nothing new or different about this album.  It doesn’t stand out from what anyone else is doing right now or has done in the past.  

Overall, See You Down the Front was rather underwhelming.  But don’t let this stop you from giving it a listen and forming your own opinion.  Maybe there is something that will catch your ear that just didn’t do it for me.

Rating: 3.5/10. 

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