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Last Great Dreamers launch 13th Floor Renegades. Go buy it!

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend The Last Great Dreamers new album launch ’13th Floor Renegades’ at the Asylum 2 in Birmingham this month, and without any expectations I decided to go and see what they were all about.

The original lineup formed in the 90’s and were not surprisingly winning awards for their contributions to music at the time.  Unfortunately their emergence into the musical world coincided with the birth of Britpop with artists like Blur and Oasis dominating the musical landscape, The Last Great Dreamers sadly were consumed by this genre and parted ways, somewhat temporarily, yet still for a while.

Since their return the band has released a further two albums with this one being their third.  13th Floor Renegades was a project funded by the fans of Last Great Dreamers via the popular source of funds nowadays, pledge funding.  Seeking funds this way comes with huge responsibility and accountability to the fans,  with the expectation of the production of a cohesive, true and fully committed album.  This album stood up and shouted ‘I was worth every penny!’

It was evident from the launch evening that the band have a long and loyal relationship with their followers and unlike some gigs I have attended, seemed to be full of people who actually wanted to be there and enjoy the show.

Almost instantly I fell in love with them and could hear influences from everywhere making for an eclectic listening experience.  I heard Bolan, I heard lots of Pop Punk, I even heard the Fratellis in there somewhere, a real singalong hashup of pop rock melodies which made me want to party.  There was nothing hard to listen to about any of their tracks, so I am not going to recommend you listen to this song and maybe that song, instead I insist you buy the album and all their back catalogue because they unquestionably deserve the MBs on your playlist!

The Last Great Dreamers, in essence are a formidable four piece glam pop rock collective with the musical talent and oozing presence of a band like the Stones.  However what you must understand is, if you go and see this band what you will hear is nothing predictable, which tends to come with maturity, instead their youthful sound will have you leaving the gig feeling like you were 16 years old again.  These four guys have managed to evolve an extensive playing prowess creating an effortless ensemble of musical notes that only the most talented musicians could gel together, creating an album of songs full of youthful fun and energy making you feel like a giddy teenager again!  Anything that takes me back to those years of freedom and late nights singing under the heat of the evening sun is a place to be I want to be.

 Just go and see them and buy the album, forget that, buy every song they have ever produced!  You won’t have wasted a penny!

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