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Interview: System of Hate – Is there madness here?

System of Hate:

The band formed in late 2012, members are Dave Sutcliffe (vocals), Shaun ‘Paddy’ O’Neill (bass), Patrick Crawford (guitar) and Carl Gulliford (drums). Martin Roberts (ex Danse Society) also joined to play keyboards and trigger samples and continues to add to the studio albums. As the band prepare to launch their second full album, I caught up with Pat to find out what’s going on with System of Hate.

Some history of the band to date;

The first recording was the Immortal EP produced in Barnsley at Nafrosounds. It included: Am I Evil?, Dark Winged Immortal, Parasites In Paradise and Sins of Father. The second recording was the Insanity EP produced in Rotherham at Orion Studios with Steve Ellis.
The Industrial Remixes of the Insanity EP by Lyndon Scarfe (The Danse Society/ Black Lamps) was released, adding yet another dimension to the sound.

Their debut full-length album – Unhallowed Ground – was recorded at Axis Studios in Doncaster by Matt Elliss. Featuring the ten original tracks: Rogue Apostle, Kiss the World (1916), Crucified, Antichrist, Sanatoria, Zealot’s Path, Mutilation, Apostle of Pain, Killing Fields and Unhallowed Ground.

The eagerly awaited “There is no madness here” was scheduled for release at Rebellion Festival this year but, we will discover, perhaps the madness has crept in!

Let’s see what Pat has to say about the band and what’s going on;

Q. Where are System of Hate today?
We are currently stood outside the metaphorical labour room, waiting to light our cigars and celebrate the birth of our second album. There’s been a major cock up and it’s months late. It’s time to call for the Ventouse machine to get the bugger out !!!!

Q. How did System of Hate come into being?
Paddy and I met at a Columbo Convention, both being massive Peter Falk fans, we also like the aggression and power of music. Suty was the only vocalist in town who could delivery what we wanted; the madness and anger. We needed an insane drummer to join this circus and Carl was more than willing to put his head inside the lion’s mouth.

Q. Where do you want to be?
Exactly where we are, in with the out-crowd, ha ha !!!

Q. What inspires you and your music?
The destruction of mankind, corrupt politicians, false prophets and the insanity of everyday life; kids, dogs and wives.

Q. How does your writing process happen, is everyone involved?
A number of ways, a song can be bashed out in rehearsal from one simple idea, a jam, Paddy or myself may have a verse and chorus and we cobble it together as a band, Paddy and myself also work on songs together at his house and finalise them in rehearsal. The lyrics are added once the music is moving, we all get equal writing credits, as we are all part of the process. It’s magic really.

Q. How do you get your “sound” ?
Lots of trial and error, aggression, mood swings, dedication to where we wanted to be, a little bit of luck and loads and loads of hard work.

Q. You’ve recently released “There is no madness here” how has it been received?
A disaster, ha ha, it’s still not out, mid October we should be rocking the bundle of joy in our arms. We’ve nicknamed it ‘there is no album here’.

Q. You launched your album at Rebellion, how did that go? How do we get copies?
We didn’t mate, they hadn’t arrived in time, the poor girls on the merch stall had loads and loads of enquiries and just kept apologising and apologising.
They will be available from

There is no madness here – album teaser

Q. Do you have many gigs lined up?
Gigs can always be found on our website. We are always gigging, we are in Leeds this Friday (28th September) with Paranoid Visions.
Gateshead – 26th October
Doncaster – 23rd November
Barnsley – 25th November
Leeds – 15th December for Geoffrey Oi!cott’s Xmas Bash
2019, we’ve got Spunk Volcano playing in Barnsley for January, we are in London in February, Heckmondwike in March and Morecambe in May for Nice N Sleazy Festival, with more to be announced.

Q. If you could pick a tour slot who would it be with?
Black Sabbath & Motorhead, we’d open it’s only fair, don’t want to blow anyone away, ha ha.

Q. If you could transport the band back in time, what year would you choose.
August 2018 but this time the album would be ready for the Rebellion Festival on the Thursday when we played, ha ha, oh the sleep we lost worrying about it .

Q. There is a lot of reference to religion in your lyrics, any particular reason for this?
Religion makes the World go round, without it there’d be no war, poverty, corruption, etc, etc. The bible is the best work of fiction known to man other than Dickens, Steinbeck and Bukowski.

Q. Your last two albums could almost have been a double album as they are similar in delivery, how do you follow these up?
We must try, we are already planning the 3rd album now, we love writing and get so much pleasure out of recording, I never thought we’d come close to the 1st album but I believe we’ve done an equally amazing job, it’s up to the people to tell us what they think.

Q. Have you ever had any requests shouted out at a gig? Would you ever play a cover version?
Yes we get “Dogs Of War” shouted out a lot, which was quite an early song for us, but for some reason has a cult status among some of our followers. Yes we’ve done cover versions, it has to be in our own style though, ha ha.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone looking to start a band?
Don’t follow the crowd, try and do your own thing, don’t think the first lot of songs you write and perform are going to be your best, always listen to advice and remember the volume button only turns one way.

Q. Is there a particular song you like that you wish you’d written?
I Live In A Car by the UK Subs, I love the idea of going under the radar, no traceability. It’s Sir Charlie’s  Orwellian peek into the future.

Q. Does any of the band have any side projects?
Paddy started one but life and work got in the way, I believe he’ll get back to one day. With family and the band it’s hard to fit anything else in or even want to.

Q. What’s the one question you’d never want to be asked?
Would you release an album through Louder Than War Records again ?

Q. What’s the answer to it!
No comment, ha ha !!!

System of Hate – Shadow of the Cross (Rebellion)

Thanks to Pat for giving us the insight into what madness is stirring in Barnsley!

Be sure to check out their new album when it launches and their back catalogue which is every bit as dark and powerful as their new material!

Cover pic supplied by System of Hate: Photo credit Ian Beck.

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