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In Review: The Liarbilitys’ Antagonisms

The Liarbilitys are a five-piece punk band out of Birmingham, UK.  Originally founded in 2005, the band split for a short time, but reunited.  Their latest release, Antagonisms, is exactly what you’d expect from a solid punk band their second time around.  It has the familiarity of 90s Brit Rock, along with some of the faster elements of skater and street punk, woven throughout the album’s entirety.  From a musical standpoint, their sound isn’t blazing a new trail apart from other punk bands.  However, this tried and true sound works for them.  The Liarbilitys do not need flashy gimmicks to sell their music because their talent speaks for itself.  Like any good punk band, their songs average about 3 minutes, so you will have no problems hanging in for the whole album. 

Breaking down the album…

Deliverance grabs your attention from the first few bars and pulls you in right away.  Birmingham’s Bleeding and Build More Prisons touch on the typical subjects of emotional unrest and fierce discontent toward the state of affairs in the world today.

Cathy is, in my opinion, the best track on the album.  Perhaps it’s the subject matter, but it has a raw and powerful feel to it unlike any other tracks on the album.  It is definitely a stronger single, and harder hitting than the rest of the songs on the album. 

Radio has more of an American street punk feel to it, somewhat reminiscent of early releases from Tacoma (Washington)’s Noi!se.  It’s short, fast, and has catchy lyrics.  The kind of song you and your mates could sing along to easily even after a few pints. 

The rest of the tracks, such as Murders, Two Against One, and The Yenton, have that classic skater punk sound.  They are loud, upbeat, and are definitely something worth braving the pit for if you were seeing them live.  

Overall, I think this is a really good album.  If you like new school punk, this is absolutely worth the time to listen. 7.5/10

You can find the Liarbilitys on Facebook @ , or on their website by going to

You can also check out their music on Spotify by clicking here.


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