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In Review: Pint Killers: The Dirty Dozen


Album: The Dirty Dozen
Release Date: January 2018
Label: unsigned/DIY

All Photos by Ehrin Petty

Boston Brewed…

Pint Killers (out of Boston, Massachusetts) are exactly what you want in a street punk band. The Dirty Dozen delivers a raw, bare-knuckle sound from start to finish.  Mark Doherty’s vocals are unrefined and real.  While that sound may not be well-suited for other genres, it is perfectly punk.  The songs are loaded with catchy hooks and simple lyrics that will have you singing along… even on your first listen! 


The songs on The Dirty Dozen all have a story to tell but does so without trying to be edgy, political, or controversial.  Bill Jolliemore writes rousing sing-along songs that keep you engaged whether you’re driving in your car or watching them live.  Every listen will have these Boston boys growing on you even more.  It’s no wonder that the Pint Killers recently opened up for the Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly on their most recent joint US tour. 


Pint Killers’ first show was only in February 2017, and The Dirty Dozen was released January 2018.  Although they are a relatively new band, the members of the Pint Killers each have years of musical experience behind them, allowing them to give their audience exactly what they are looking for.

Hitting the Issues that Affect Us All…

Even though they don’t use their music to take a stand on political issues they do make their music personal.  Pint Killers hit on topics about relationships, loss, loyalty, and of course, drinking.  Dirty Dozen is exactly how I like my punk – short, simple, and frisky.  With 12 songs clocking in at just under 30 minutes it is just that.


“Pipers Lament” is the perfect introduction song for the album. It’s thoughtfully composed for playing live as the first song of the set.  Boston local, bagpiper Tim MacMaster, gives us a great performance on the pipes.  His soulful performance really has an early Do or Die (Dropkick Murphys) feel to it.



There are a few special songs on this album that have ties that some may or may not pick up on.  Pint Killers give a nod to the US Marine Corps with “Reaper” while “Who” is the exception to their not taking a social stand.  Pint Killers are definitely against smug, yuppy pricks who walk around with an undeserved ego.  “Who” is about gentrification, especially in the City of Boston, where so many people have been driven out of the surrounding neighborhoods and towns. 


Pint Killers are a little different from the other bands out there right now. Listen to the album… but really use it as an excuse to go see them perform.   And as someone who has been able to see them live, I highly recommend catching them play if you can.  They put on a great live show – Mark Doherty’s energy is off the charts.  All in all, this album is definitely worth a listen. 


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