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‘Hollow Hole’ by Maria Lebedev

Now being good is really a drag

You give and give, you get nothing back

Now listen up; it’s my house, my rules!

I ain’t gonna let you use my tools



I’m torn and trashed

Lend out a hand and got crashed

Ripped to pieces

With a hollow hole inside

I trusted you and you pushed me aside


I try to get close, then push you away

So when I wanna keep you, you won’t stay

Now I’ve got a hole inside of me

Cause another love just got taken away


There’s a wall between us I wanna break

It doesn’t matter what’s at stake

I’m craving this, I don’t know why

Can’t blame me for trying, I try and try


I’m feeling used and abused

But lucky cause I got to know you

I guess every rose has its thorn

But at the end of the journey you feel so torn.

By Maria Lebedev

Maria Lebedev is an aspiring fashion designer who currently lives in Los Angeles. Her second passions are music and poetry. She has been writing songs and poems since she was a child.

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