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Heroes 2 None: Villains 2 All (EP)

Pride, tradition, aggression, rage, street punk and Oi!…where can you find that all in one place? In Aarhus, Denmark – a town already known for its street punk and Oi lovers.  Now the sound of Villains 2 All, the mini debut album of Heroes 2 None, can be added to that list.  Even though they only formed in 2016 these are not novice dudes.  They are musicians with over 35 years of experience in the urban Danish music scene of their hometown.
The line up consists of the following members:

Søren Hald: Vocal (The Guv’nors, the Hoolies, Skaloot)
Steen T: Guitar/backing vocal (Last Seen Laughing, the Zero Point, The Snotty Punk Parade)
JP: Bass/backing vocal (Last Seen Laughing, the Hoolies, the Outfit)
Dr Golczyk: Trommer (the Zero Point, the Snotty Punk Parade)

Heroes 2 None have a notable musical background that reflects the spirit and the message of the entire album – a return to their own Skinhead and punk roots.  A traditional sound of the ’70s and ’80s Oi! with a bit of rock’n’roll mixed in.

Simple lyrics, traditional sound with short guitar solo and the classical chorus of Oi! music.  This debut album will catch the interest of both young dudes and the old school lovers. Villains 2 All is an album mixed and produced by Tue Madsen, who is known in the metal and hardcore scene thanks to his work with Madball and Sick of it all.

The album consists of six tracks:

  1. Heroes 2 None
  2. My Home is Where the Heart is
  3. Being There
  4. Do What You Wanna Do
  5. Hate Monger
  6. Expectations

The first track, Heroes 2 None (like the band’s name), give us a clear message: they are real people on the stage.  They aren’t a fancy pop band or rock stars because this is a way of life.  This is music born to be music of rebellion, from the streets.  Like in the Still Little Fingers’ song  “ Don’t want to be nobody’s hero….don’t want to be nobody’s star…” and this idea inspired Heroes 2 None. In every track, we find the typical topics of Oi! music like the home, in the second track they talk us that “the home is where the heart is” because home is where we feel in peace. Home, proud, tradition, hate and pride are the themes of this album.

These are songs which we can listen in the pub before a football match or walking along the street and finally at the gig during a strong pogo.
While we waiting for their vinyl and cassette we can download the digital release and stream is available on:

Check their Fb page!

Have a fucking fun!

“Our motto is that if it sounds good then we’ll do it regardless if it falls a bit out of the genre.“
~ Heroes to none

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