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Review: Glen Matlock & Peter Silverton – “I was a Teenage Sex Pistol”

The Sex Pistols story has been told many times, especially by Malcolm McLaren and John Lydon. Both eager to point out they were the driving force behind the most notorious band ever. Credit where it’s due, they were instrumental in the creation and destruction of the band, both eager to blame the other for all that went wrong.

Glen Matlock tells his side of the story of the Sex Pistols, in his book ‘I was a teenage Sex Pistol’. Littered with humorous anecdotes and confessions, Glen’s story is one of innocence amidst the outrage, of a young lad wanting to be in a band, and wanting to be good at it, whilst the rest of the world waged war on them. Glen Matlock writes with an easy style, it’s his voice reading the words in my head, just exactly as he speaks. He doesn’t hold back either, he calls it like it is, even when he’s having a pop at himself.

There is a saying ‘The truth will always out’, and I think it has, I think this is as close to the truth as it gets. No hype, no playing the fool, Glen tells his story, and it is his story of the band he loved and the life that went with it. Succinct, honest and funny, there’s more to this book than the usual ‘Bollocks’, more to Glen Matlock than just the Sex Pistols, and more to the Sex Pistols than two guitars, a drum kit and four lads that couldn’t play.

Available online from Rocket 88 books.

An entertaining and highly recommended read.

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