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Glen Matlock ‘Good To Go’ Album review by Wayne Reid

‘Good To Go’ is a stomping collection of great bluesy rock’n’roll songs. Glen Matlock is comfortable in his mid-Atlantic sound space, far removed from anything he did in the 1970s. The opening track ‘Won’t Put The Brakes On Me’ sets the tone perfectly, this is what he does now, and nobody’s going to stop him. ‘Wanderlust’ comes at you like something the Heartbreakers may have done, very catchy and the precursor for the real earworm of the album, ‘Sexy Beast’ thumps it’s way into the old grey matter, where it is firmly installed for foreseeable future.

‘Speak Too Soon’ drops you into a late night bar, snuggling in the corner with your last beer of the night, hoping the person you’re snuggling with isn’t a (Track No.5) ‘Piece Of Work. ‘Hook In You’ has to be the song inspired by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, the lyric could so easily have been his own. ‘Montague Terrace’ has a cool, contemplative sound to it which picks up to an almost anthemic level about two thirds the way through itself.

The next track ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ strikes me as something The Meteors didn’t get round to recording. ‘Strange Kinda taste’, ‘Chill’ and ‘Couldn’t Give A Damn’ take me Stateside, they’d all go down well around Nashville and in bars and Truckstops all across America. ‘Keep On Pushing’ could almost be a rallying cry, a reminder that it’s not over yet, although this album is finished, more will follow.

There are some twinkly guitar moments, and just the right amount of drive in the drums to keep my feet tapping. Whether it was meant to be or not, this is a great album for the US market, it’s got Rock’nRoll, Blues, and soul enough to do well across the country. This is Glen Matlock, singer, songwriter and performer, definitely not stuck in a rut.

Vocals: Glen Matlock
Guitars: Earl Slick, Chris Spedding, Neil X
Drums: Slim Jim Phantom, Chris Musto
Bass: Jim Lowe
Tambourine: Anthony Bettancourt

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