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Getting a gig with a promoter

Matt Nicholls owner of Pirate Punk Promotions, otherwise known as the dashingly handsome pirate punk promoter,  shares with us his top 5 tips for booking gigs with a promoter!

1. Do your research!  If you’re a metal band and you are wanting a gig with a punk promoter, it’s not going to happen. Make sure the promoter is your style.

2. When messaging a promoter as a band, always send links to your music (even if you’re well-known). This is very important.  No promoter will want to look up your stuff if you cannot be bothered even sending the right links.

3. Realise that you might not always get paid as an emerging artist (specifically in the UK).  The reason for this is that in the UK the promoter does not get subsides like in other countries.   Many people think promoters make a lot of money but they don’t.  When you take into account venue hire/buying tickets/headline fees (if applicable) advertising/your own travel and digs it can come to quite a lot of money. If you’re a well-known band who is guaranteed a return via crowd sales then it’s usually no problem.  However, with up and coming bands who won’t bring any money in unfortunately there is little if any money to give them at all.

4. For new bands be as active as possible.  Get a demo or cheap video made just to get your product out.  As explained before some promoters are reluctant to put on new bands as there is a very good chance of losing money.  So make sure the promoter realises why they are taking the risk!

5. Always establish your point of contact prior to the gig.  The Booker may not be at the gig itself, and you need to know times/back line arrangements etc so this is crucial.

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