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Fütumche’s To The Withered Deity is trippy, angry punk


Futumche! is a three-piece alternative/post-punk band that formed in 2016 out of Coventry, UK.  Their sophomore EP To the Withered Deity is to be released July 2018.

I have never seen Fütumche play, but now I must.  I’m am both intrigued and frustrated in equal measures by this album. Frustrated, because there are some really great punk songs on this album, extended beyond all recognition. And I am intrigued because I would imagine that along with these great songs, there is a demands for an all-consuming visual display… lights, video, the full works. There is more to discover, of that I am certain.

Group Shot Futumche!

Photo courtesy of Fütumche!

To The Withered Deity

The album contains 12 tracks of varying lengths, if you want a three-minute conventional punk song, you won’t find any here. Be willing to commit over seven minutes each time you press play, and listen out for your favourite post-punk influences. I picked out The Damned, The Fall, Virgin Prunes, The Boys, and even Bauhaus in amongst their sound.

These guys know how to mash it up and write some good songs!  There is an art-house approach to their sound. An experiment in blending the raw anger of punk, with trippy, hallucinatory filler. The final result is either very clever, post-punk experimentation, or Marty Cline in bondage trousers, suddenly realising the audience has stopped dancing.

These are not songs for the night club, they are for the living room, the student and live performance. This is Crass for the modern audience, Frank Zappa and the (Grandson’s of..) The Mothers Of Invention. This is the promise of art, not 3 chords and a bottle of beer.

Photo by Olly Johnson

Track Listing 

  1. Sell Me Out
  2. 2.Under The Sun
  3. 3.Gazing
  4. 4.Black Canvas
  5. 5.Existenz
  6. 6.Dragging Toes
  7. 7.Carving A Day
  8. 8.Venture
  9. 9.Anxiety Attack
  10. 10.Misery
  11. 11.Disconnected
  12. To The Withered Deity


Look for their newest album which was released on Spotify and Amazon!

You can catch them on Facebook @  or at one of their upcoming shows

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