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Fuschia Fun and the smell of Leather – My Shoot with Eryn Tett

When I’m on a shoot, I love engage in conversation with the model. I want to make them feel as if my studio was like their room at home. With a cup of tea on the side in between takes and some music in the background, an atmosphere like this always makes them feel at ease. I find with a piece of music that compliments well with the theme you’re going for, you get an electric rush with ideas and what you want to capture.

With Eryn it was truly amazing. As I was setting up my different backdrops, I said that with the vibrant alternative theme I was going for, she had the opportunity to completely let loose and improvise with her poses. She giggled and told me how much she was looking forward to this afternoon as most of the time she worked as a hair model – as brilliant as the photos of her were, this kind of work required minimal expression and movement.

However little did I know how much she was willing to experiment with her facial expressions. Normally I’m used to directing models or manoeuvring them like little dollies into weird shapes, but with Eryn I hardly said a word. It was utterly captivating and fascinating to watch!

Model: Eryn Tett

Taken by Jeanie Jean Photography

Instagram: @jeaniejeanphotos

Facebook: Jeanie Jean Photography

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